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A Few Loaves

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A Few Loaves

Finally we are getting some rain and I'm still on semi hiatus with the Farmer's Market trading and took another week off.  Even after making bread 40 hours a week and taking this off i find myself wanting to play.  I suppose I have a lot of inspiration with "end of the year gifts".  I received Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast, Tartine 3, Pizza, How Baking Works for my book collection.  I also got a Cuisinart Burr Mill Ginder so I'm now geeking out on making perfect coffee.  I make coffee on my scale now.  And it feels good.  And finally I have access to CM High Extraction Flour and most recently we've begun grinding our own spelt flour.  Hard part is deciding where to start.  So instead of the market I've done a few test batches with some great and some mediocre successes and I figure I'll share.  


Happy Baking 


First Up the Miche from "Bread" with the only change being the use of a liquid white levain and adjusting hydration to maintain the remainder of the formula.  I only made this change out of convenience.  A bit ugly as we didn't flour the couche enough and the tops got stuck creating a cave at the top of each loaf but they bounced back quite well and the loaf was superb.  

I highly recommend the making of this loaf as it is of the finer breads I've tasted.  


Next up is my 60% Spelt Experiment with freshly milled spelt (ground 1 hour before mix)

This loaf needs some help but was a fun experiment and quite tasty in the end.  I'll increase hydration in steps til I find how much the fresh milled spelt can handle.  I also combined with strong flour and may switch over to a standard bread flour before changing the hydration.  


Next up:  High Extraction Sesame Wheat (50% T85 50% Whole Wheat and 20% mixed Sesame Seeds)

My oven was not heated well enough and maybe the loaves a touch overproofed.  I'll have to try this one again.  And even at 95% hydration I think it could have used more.  Will continue to tinker. 

And Finally Maybe my favorite of the bunch (well the miche was just as good in its own right)

High Extraction Walnut Rye:  48% T85, 30% White, 19% Rye, 3% Whole Wheat  

Happy Baking All




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Josh, every loaf looks great to me.  The walnut is one I really want to try, but I keep forgetting to pick up the nuts.


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nora sass

What an awesome loaves you've created Josh, Looks lovely all of them. Are these the same recipe as the famous Tartine with the addition of the seeds & nuts. Bet the bread must taste fantastic as it looks. Well done Josh. Cheers !!! Nora

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Thanks Nora

no these are not T3 formulas just stuff I've come up with and/or have been working on. The sesame wheat is a continuation of experiments with said type of loaf. My previous attempt was the best. I wanted tI try with high extraction flour. Good but not as good as previous attempts. 

The other two are first time loaves. The walnut rye is spot on.  Now to repeat the success.  The spelt needs some work. 

The miche is from "bread" with minor changes to accomodate things I had in hand and outside of sticking to couche was quite fantastic. 



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Great looking loaves Josh.  I've been loving my freshly milled spelt as well as rye and Kamut.  Love your crumb on all of these.



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They all look very very yummy to me. Can I have a loaf to take away please ^^

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Julie McLeod

I'm loving the sesame crust on your Sesame Wheat loaf and the Walnut Rye is gorgeous with those huge pieces of walnuts in the crumb.  I'd be thrilled with these loaves.

How are you enjoying the burr grinder?  I've always heard that burr grinders are better than blade but the cost has always prevented me from moving up.  Do you notice a difference in the brew?


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Cuisinart makes the grinder and its only 45 bucks. I've wanted a burr mill for a while but they are pricey. This may not be state of the art but I'm thrilled to have control over my grind as I like both pour over and French press coffee. Both need very different grinds. And the grind is even without damaging the coffee like a blade does. 


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Julie McLeod

Thanks for the info.  The Cuisinart burr grinder is pricier than that in Canada but I'll keep my eye out for a sale.  

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They are all beautiful. I adore walnut bread, but if am another one who keeps forgetting to buy the nuts! They all look so tasty.

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Song Of The Baker

These are some very nice loaves Josh.  Excellent crumb and bold bakes on a few of them.  You make me want to do a walnut loaf soon!

Always nice to see your posts.


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Thanks for all the kind words


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should i say, as per your usual.! your bread with the multigrains, seeds adn nuts in them the best .   But the b60% whole spelt, great lift and the white bread are very nice too.  I havenlt baked too many high % whole spelt breads but I'm guessing the get the max hydration it would be best to do a longinsh autolyse like any other high % whole grain bread.

Love you breads as always and

Happy  baking