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Valentine Bread Test Loaf

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Valentine Bread Test Loaf

This is a practice loaf for a Valentine Bread. It's a basic dough. Next time I'll make it a bit sweeter.

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I mean the design...

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Impressive shaping. I'm suprised the hearts didn't lose their shape when proofing. Well done.

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I´m also surprised they kept their shape! Thanks for the idea, I may try to surprise my wife with something like this.

Should try to use cherry or raspberry to colour some of the hearts and/or rings. Is there a base below all of it which you placed the rings and hearts on top of?

Thanks for sharing!

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Didn´t mean to put the ? in the subject lol Tis not a question whether it is a good design.

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Thanks for the comments.

This was an experiment, and I need to adjust the dough to make it sweeter, but this it so far:

 I made up a basic dough of about 60% hydration. After an autolyse of 30min I added the salt and kneaded for 5min. Then formed a ball and let dough rise, in covered oiled bowl, for 75-90min. Next divided the dough into three balls, one large, one medium, and one small. Covered them and let rest about 10min. Using a rolling-pin rolled out large ball in roughly heart shape 1/4" thick. Refined shape with scissors. Next, rolled out medium ball into a long strip 1/4" thick. With knife, or pizza wheel, cut long strip into three narrow strips. Painted large heart shape with an egg/water glaze and applied long strips around edge. Rolled out last ball 1/4" thick, and using heart-shaped cookie-cutter, cut out small hearts. Placed these on large heart shape. Covered and let rise 30-60min. Painted all with egg/water glaze and, on greased and floured pan, baked in 400 oven for 40-45min. (If it is browning too quickly, cover with aluminum foil.) If you try it I'd love to see results. Best, jims  The loaf is 11" across at widest point.  
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“This was an experiment, and I need to adjust the dough to make it sweeter, but this it so far”



What you’re doing looks fun.

Since you are experimenting and if you have the time, I might suggest you make a Milk bread dough.

Works well as cutouts and as décor to place on top of your loaf.

Addition of milk egg, butter and a lot more sugar

Bake at lower temp because of the sugar and milk sugar.


1.00   Flour  1000 gms (as example)                    

                 .45   Milk      450 ml (scalded, then cooled)                                      

                 .20   Egg       200 gm (4 eggs)                                                     

                 .10   Sugar    100 gm                                                                       

                 .02   Salt         20 gm                                                                       

                 .04   F yeast    40 gm or 13gm  instant                                                    

                 .25  Butter     250 gm

This is a recipe given as percentage and gives you a lot of dough.  (over 2 kg  or 4.5 lb!)

Cut this in half or one quarter if you would like to try it out


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Thanks for the suggestion. I've never made a Milk bread before, but I think I'll give it a shot. Perhaps one quarter of your recipe for the first try to keep it manageable.

Best, Jim