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Week 23 Winter Market (Forbidden Black Rice Porridge Bread)

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Week 23 Winter Market (Forbidden Black Rice Porridge Bread)

Been a while.  I actually did one other winter market but didn't take photos or notes and it was a loaf I did earlier in the year so I haven't written about it.  Been enjoying the oddly warm winter(not that it gets very cold here) for some time.  I'm sure the rain is on its way and we need it.  So this the Brown Rice Porridge Loaf from Tartine 3 with a few changes.  First off the rice.  I used some Forbidden Black Rice I found at Costco some time back.  I looked it up and this stuff is really good for you.  Here I wasn't sure whether to cook as for "eating" or overcook following the book directions.  I went with the latter.  The bread does make a mess of my knife and is very moist so maybe this was a mistake???  I also changed up the flour blend as I don't have high extraction flour on hand.  Used a mix of 78/20/2 white/wheat/rye. The rest follows the formula.  With so much rice this is much more of a wholesome bread than 22% wholegrain might imply.  

It's very moist with an excellent crisp crust and a pleasant finish of nutty rice flavor.  The book implies this bread has excellent shelf life and I believe it.  I never did buy his first couple of books because the information is so readily available online there was no real need for it.  This book offers a comprehensive list of new or less frequently used grains and a few ways to utilize them.along with some cool pastry ideas using whole grains.  I'm excited to get my own copy and play with more of these formulas

Happy Baking All




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with Karin's Wild Rice bread we like so much.  What a great looking bread inside and out.  Mixed up some left over turkey stuffing and Japanese black rice, both made with home made stock and they were terrific together for a dinner starch.  Would be great as a rice and altus combined in a bread i'm guessing.

Love your  Tartine take on this bake Josh - well done!

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Great looking bake Josh.  I haven't bought this book yet but I'm definitely go get to soon.  I love the crust and crumb you achieved on this one.


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Looking good from here, Josh. I really like how your crumb texture always appears. never tried rice in bread, but it may really be worthwhile to add whole grain rice, as you did.

Great market breads.

best of wishes.

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for the kind words all