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Still warm

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Still warm

Just baked these this morning. Tartine style using 70% Bob's Red Mill whole wheat, 30% KA AP. This is the first time I've used Bob's flour. Our local Whole Foods has it marked down since they are no longer going to carry it. I picked up 5 lbs to try it out.

Best, jims

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Nice scores, grigne, and bloom.  Looks like its a great success

Nice Baking


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Thanks Josh.

I now have "high" hopes for this flour. These loaves have more oven spring than I've ever gotten before. I think they almost doubled in height. 

Best, jims

I had to look up "grigne". At first I thought it was "gringe" which I think is French for "grumpy".

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Oh! That looks so good. Lovely oven spring.

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Those look fantastic, congratulations!   I still can't resist slicing into a hot loaf to add a bit of Kerrygold.  :)

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Very healthy too.  Bread that good looking can't taste bad!  Well done inside and out.

Happy baking

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What beauties!  I can hear the crust crackling just by looking at your photos.


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nora sass

I can't help but admiring these gorgeous looking loaves. How I wish one day will come when I am able to produce these  handsome looking loaves. Very well done for your achievement !!!

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Thanks all of you for the kind words.

@dabrownman. My wife says that these are my best tasting so far. I am definitely going to try and get some more of Bob's flour.

@nora sass. Thank you especially for your comments. I think the key is that I have had great luck with the starter, which seems very happy living here (at least it doesn't complain as much as the kids). This could be because my wife has done a lot of baking so there must be yeast all over the place. I certainly do not claim any special skill in baking bread, having just started with cakes a few years ago. It's more a matter of dumb luck. I really like the process as described in "Tartine Bread". It is very clear and only uses flour, water, salt, and the starter.

Here is a photo of what's left of one of the loaves. 

Best, jims