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Crusty Sourdough Rolls

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Crusty Sourdough Rolls

I had a request to make crusty sourdough rolls when my husband and I were visiting family in England for the holidays.  I brought along my sourdough starter in checked luggage (TSA searched it), but the "baby" white and rye sourdough starters came through very well.  In fact, they performed better than the "mother" sourdough starters back in the U.S. performed recently.  I used the recipe below, but divided the loaf into rolls (and I didn't have my LaCloche, so.just used parchment paper and plenty of water in the bottom of the oven tray to create the steam to make the rolls crusty).  English friends and family gave the rolls the thumbs up.  I will definitely make them again now that I am back stateside.


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joy to behold.  Very fancy too!  Well.done and

Happy Baking in the New Year

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dabrowman:  Thanks so much.  I really enjoyed making them.  All the best to you and your baking in 2014!  Phyllis

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and decidedly crusty!

I haven't dared, yet, to transport a starter through security and customs.


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Just did it.  I got a Turkish starter from a local bakery, divided it in two, put a small amt in my toothbrush kit, larger part in checked luggage w note explaining what it was in pidgin Turkish.  AFAIK, they didn't even look at it.  

It's about the same deal as having original bottles for meds- TSA *could* make difficulty, but unless you're transporting hundreds of Oxycontin, they don't seem to bother when they run you through their security theater.  

Turkish security DID ask the important questions- "Did anyone else pack anything for you, has your bag been under your control..." etc.  

I've just started it reviving- will let all know how it turns out.


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Well done!  These look great.

Happy Baking.