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My 2014 Resolutions

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My 2014 Resolutions

In the interest of increasing the odds of my following said resolutions, here's this year's short & sweet list:

1)  I will continue to share home-made bread.  This one is a biggie for me because I realize this is how I make an impact on people, limited as it might be, while feeding a personal passion.  For the record, last year, I managed to produce a total of about 700 lbs of dough out of our home kitchen - and I took a month off of baking to visit family in Italy - with (I'm guessing) more than 80% of that going to neighbours, friends and as "thank you's" for a job well done.

2)  I will move more.  Trying to get a grip on my weight, so I'll start with that.

3)  I will do more of what I want.  The death of several folks near and dear to me in 2013 reminds me that life is short.

4)  I will cull and simplify (a bit).  In light of how short life is, I may as well trim a bit and keep my life as simple to manage as possible, clearing up time/energy for other things I want to do (still working on that list).  That said, I say "a bit" because I don't see myself going as far as living in a one-room Thoreau-esque cabin in the woods living on nothing but what I grow.  All things in moderation, including moderation.

Have a great 2014 everyone!


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...resolution! This gave me the idea to do something similar. Since I love to bake, but my family doesn't eat that much bread anymore (son is away at college and daughter doesn't care too much about bread; DH watches his weight very carefully and so do I...) I am planning on giving away 52 loaves (or baked goods in general) this coming year, one per week, to friends and neighbors. Maybe I'll challenge myself to make this 52 different loaves so that I can experiment with lots of new recipes? I am not sure yet.  

Thanks for the inspiration!

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For a while, I was sending a monthly "loaf of the month" to friends of mine to get me to try different loaves.

Good luck with it, and have a great 2014!

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Good luck.  Sounds like a worthy list of goals to aspire to.

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Those resolutions could have been written for of luck with them all.

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1)  Still going strong - still averaging +10 lbs/dough per week.

2)  Not as much as I should.

3)  Doing a bit more of what I want to do (but still finding it hard figuring out exactly what I want to do).

4)  Culling a little bit every week - slow and steady.