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Hamelman's 5 Grains Bread with RYW and Commercial Yeast

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Hamelman's 5 Grains Bread with RYW and Commercial Yeast

Hybrid YW Five-Grain Bread        
Total Weight884.5      
Weight per Serving884.5      
Total Flour 500     
Total Water 429     
Total Hydration 85.80%     
Multi-grain % 33.80%     
Total Levain 270     
 Build 1Build 2Build 3SoakerFinal DoughAdd-InTotal
White Starter (100%)      0
Wholewheat Starter      0
Rye Starter      0
Yeast Water Levain (100%)60     60
 60     60
Flour      0
Extra-High Protein Flour (>14%)      0
Bread Flour 30  271 301
AP Flour      0
Wholemeal Flour      0
Wholewheat Flour 90  79 169
Rye Flour    0 0
Water 45 189120 354
Milk      0
Yeast Water 45    45
Others      0
Yeast    2.5 2.5
Salt    13 13
Cinnamon (2 Tbs)      0
ADD-IN      0
Chopped Wheat berries    35  0
Flaxseeds   35  0
Sunflower Seeds   40  0
Oats   40  0
- Autolyse all ingridient (except Salt & Yeast)60 Min      
- Add Salt, yeast  Mixed with Pincer Method       
- S&F 2 times @ 30, 60min interval       
- Total Bulk Fermentation @ 66F3h 30mNeed more as the crust was on the pale side     
Second Proof1.5HR      
Bake - Cover20      
Bake -Uncover25      

I got Hamelman's book as my christmas present I decided to use its 5 grains bread as my New Year Bake. I deviated from the book by

1) sub YW levain with Pete Fermente

2) pre-ferments hydration increased to 75%. 

3) Increase Water to compensate my substitution of WW for Bread flour to increase its multi-grains content. 

Since the room temp has dropped to 66F, I extended the Bulk fermentation to 3:30, but I think its still hasnt fully fermented. Next time I would have give it another hour. 

I baked it in a dutch oven covered 20min and uncovered for 25mins. 





The dough was on the stiff side, Next time another 100g of water should be added. 

Crumb shot:



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108 breads

I assume you mean commercial yeast mixed with water, but I'm not sure. I have not heard this term before. I also assume that you copied a spreadsheet into the blog post and the grid lines did not show up. Still, the recipe looks very interesting and you got promising results. Your bread is inspiring because one of the many bread projects I am planning is a long foray into Hamelman's Bread.

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Yeast water is a fermented raisins water. U can substitute it with different fruits.

i would recommend using more water for this bread

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but the crumb wasn't as open as you would expect it to be  - more water will fix that.  This bread woud be good as a SD with a yeast water poolish booster in place of the commercial yeast too..

So how does this taste?

Happy baking

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Yes I agree but I was short on SD I will definitely give it another go with sd/yw combo. More water is definitely necessary!!

this bread taste like a sandwich bread with very soft n smooth crumb.

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Foodzeit for two weeks and over 90 new blog entries. You guys have been baking a storm. Love what you did here and I am looking forward to your next try of this bread with more liquid. It’ll improve the crumb for sure. I have never worked with YW before, got to try it once.

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My frd has been asking for this bread so i bet u gonna see it very soon. 

Next time Im gonna do it with SD and YW to replace the yeast. See how it goes then.