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Wood-Fired Baking School

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Wood-Fired Baking School

I am getting a WFO from Forno Bravo for our house.  I enrolled in a WFO course at San Francisco Baking Institute for 2014, but they discontinued the course.

Any ideas on other courses that you would recommend?  

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If you are in the Bay area, there are a few wood fired bakeries in the area that might be able to help you out. Otherwise, there are a few books out there that could help you get started.

The Bread Builders, by Daniel Wing and Alan Scott

Build Your own Earth Oven, by Kiko Denzer

From The Wood-fired Oven, by Richard Miscovich and Daniel Wing

All three books cover how to fire and use wood fired ovens. I have read the first two and I'm about half way through the third. With the knowledge I gained from the books, I have built a cob oven and baked great bread loaves and pizzas as well as roasted chicken and other items in the oven.

Cooking with a WFO is a lot of fun, enjoy your new oven!

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Thanks for the reply.  Actually, we live in San Antonio.  I have the Miscovich book on the way, so thanks for confirming that is a good one.  I will look for the other two book.

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Forno-Thats good to know-like all things, they seem very complicated at first.  I have a friend in another city that owns a WFO pizza place-maybe I will go hang with him a couple days.

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I just returned from the King Arthur Flour Company in Norwich Vermont...they have two wood fired ovens there and I believe they have a course in baking in that oven...I completed a one week course on baking bread...their..all I can say is it was fantastic...



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I will check it out.  Thanks for the info.  I did the SFBI first course in January, am doing the sourdough week in July. How was the KA course?  Which one did you do?

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I'll just chime in and say SFBI is exceptional. I took Artisan 1 and 2 as well as "Viennoiserie at home", and can't wait to go back! They really get into it...from science to commercial baking techniques, my instructors Mac and Mike were more than happy to answer any and all questions. Michel Suas runs an excellent program, I HIGHLY recommend anyone who can go to go! Also, you get a ton of bread to take home each night (my freezer was full for months!). 

Good luck and happy baking!

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108 breads

I am considering KA, SFBI, and Chicago French Pastry School for an in-depth class next spring. What I am most interested in are whole grain sourdough breads and shaping techniques. Any advice and comments about the different schools would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Sheryl