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Sesame Wholewheat Sourdough Bagel (By Txfarmer frome TFL)

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Sesame Wholewheat Sourdough Bagel (By Txfarmer frome TFL)

Since I cant find any >14% high gluten flour in the market, I substituted it with 520g bread flour plus 50G of VWG

Levain Build 1

- 235G Starter

- 40G   >14% high gluten flour

Let it ferment at room temp for 4 hours

Build 2

- All of build 1

- 80G >14% high gluten flour

- 45G Water

Cover n ferment overnight

Final Dough

- 450G >14% high gluten flour

- 120G WW flour

- All levain

- 12G Salt

- 14G Malt Powder

-  14G Milk Powder

- 14G Sugar

- 2G Yeast


1) Mix the final dough, autolyse for 60mins

2) this is a fairly dry dough, make sure you resist the temptation of adding more water. Knead until the dough is extensible with some strength but not fully developed)

3)  Divide it into 12 equal pieces and pre-shape it into a round roll

4) let rest for 15minutes

5) Do the final shaping, I poke a hole thu the middle and spin it between my hands.

6) put it on a greased parchment  paper for 1 - 2 hours second proof. This can be tested by a floating test.

7) Once its ready, bring 1.9L water with 2 tsp of Baking soda and 2TBP of malt to boil. 

8) Cooked the bagel for a minute on each side. 

9) lightly pat dry the surface (not completely thou) and rolled it with sesame seeds mixture.

10) lay it on baking sheet, bake at 200C till golden brown (around 20minutes)


sesame crusted bagel lot - 2nd attempt

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Those are cute bagels, Ceci! nice work.


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Thank you Khalid. Mine is still not as good as your pastry!!

Do you have any nice recipe and tips for cheese cakes? My sister want one for her bday but im not very good at baking cheese cake.


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Do you want the baked, or the cold cheese cake? Sorry for the late reply.


CeciC's picture

can I have both please.

any special tech that I should know? 

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I'll pm you the recipes with the instructions.


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Thank you so much Khalid 

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I've sent you a private message.

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Beautiful.  How were they?

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They taste good!! crisp n Chewy in one bagel. I think its the best one i can find in HK. 

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calculated perfectly to get 11% flour to 14% using VWG that is 65% gluten.  Who knew algebra would be a required skill for baking?

I don't use  HG flour for bagels.  I use up to 50% whole grains so AP works for the rest of it.  Sometimes Lucy makes 100% whole multigrain ones:-)  A SD YW combo levain really works well for bagels too. 

Your bagels loook great and if theu are crystal crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside you have to have a fine tasting NY sdtyle bagel! 

Happy Baking CeciC

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Yes I think bread baking is all about math. I should have study harder at high school.

100 Whole grains bagel sounds so yummy.

Can you please share your formulae? I would love one with at least 50% whole grain. 

They are very crispy when they first come out of the oven. It tastes good after toast, very sharp contrast of crispy n chewy.

Thanks DA