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82% Hydration Spelt and T85 Loaf

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82% Hydration Spelt and T85 Loaf

This is a slight variation of a spelt dough from the new Tartine no 3 Book. I used less water then recommended and a different mix of flours. It was a tad more sour than I time I will only retard the rise for 6 hours instead of 8. Crumb was open,fully gelatinized and super moist, crust was thin and shattered when cut.

  • 600 grams - CM Beehive
  • 200 grams - BRM Whole Grain Spelt
  • 200 grams - Farmer Ground T85 (High Extraction)
  • 175 grams - Young Liquid Leaven (T85 Flour)
  • 800 grams - Water
  • 50 grams - Raw Wheat Germ
  • 25 grams - Salt

-Overnight autolyse

-3.5 hour bulk with 5 sets of folds every 30 min

-Preshape, 25 min bench rest, final shape

-8 hour rise in fridge

-Slash, 45 min bake at 500F, cool



submitted to yeastspotting


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Well done and love the bold bake!

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Yeah, that one is a winner.  Well done!

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Looks great.  How about a shot of your great looking crumb??

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thanks guys. i didnt manage to take a great picture of the crumb before it was devoured. Next post will have much more photos of the process and crumb!

crumb was gelatinized, moist, and full of smaller holes with a few large ones. It wasn't my most open crumb by any means but for a 40+% whole grain loaf, not bad.

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What is CM Beehive? I don't recognize the name.

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its their all purpose flour. its also sold under the whole foods organic 365 brand