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Farmers Market Week 22 (70% WW Sour)

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Farmers Market Week 22 (70% WW Sour)

Times are busy.  Went up to Portland, OR to see Pearl Jam for the holidays and ate some great foods.  With only a few days in the city and so much good food to eat I barely scraped the surface.  Some good mentions.  Fressen and German bakery was a hidden gem that I'd highly recommend.  Tabor Breads was wonderful and probably the best bread I got to try.  Tasty n Sons was an epic dinner.  

Anyone when i returned home my computer was broken and now its back up and runnin (just the power supply). 

So my first winter market I opted to keep it simple and make a good wheat loaf.  With the exception of the dough comin out of the bowl cooler than I'd wished (only 72F when i wanted 75-76F)  All went well and the bread was actually quite good.  



 Happy Baking



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'Good bread, good food and you didn't bump into Ken Forkish?  Your 70% WW sour looks terrific - about as open as we have ever seen for so much whole grains - it has to taste great.  Time for some more holiday baking!  Well done Josh and 

Happy baking. . 

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Forgot to mention the stop at Ken's Breads which sad to say was quite uneventful from a bread enthusiasts standards.  Pastry case looked more interesting.  I did try his country brown though and it was a good loaf of bread but not anything I haven't tasted before.  I asked if he still baked there and the answer was "almost never" and he's apparently busy with a new restaurant.  

Tabor Breads lost there head baker but was by far the best of the breads I tried.  Lots of local whole grains and done very well in a wood fired oven.  Fressen had some nice German Rye Breads and food as well.  

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Sounds like a great trip.  I'm a big Pearl Jam fan myself but never had a chance to see them in concert so I'm a little jealous:).  Sounds like your trip was a lot of fun and it can't be bad when you get to try different breads.

Your simple bread looks perfect as always with a great crumb.

I'm sure you will have great success with your winter market.


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Fabulous Wheat sourdough, Josh. Beautiful all around.


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Ian I don't know where you live but if your European pearl jam just announced a euro tour. ive seen em like 10 times since 96 and they are of the best concerts you can see. The newest album just 22 years after there first is excellent. I'm an avid or was an avid concert goer. Slowed down since I moved away from NY. Now I'm 5 hours minimum from any major city so it's a bit more work. Some would say I've seen a few too many phish shows. I'd say I need to see a few more And join the 100 show club. 

Anyway if anyone gets a chance go see a pearl jam show.