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red reset knob on KA ksm7990!

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red reset knob on KA ksm7990!

I am thinking about buying the KSM7990 professional mixer, the one that they have here in my country (Kuwait) have this red reset knob, and I don't know whats the function of it!

most versions on the internet and sites like amazon or even KA site don't have it with this knob, I really want to know its function.

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The same mixer is shown here. According to the manual on that page, the red button is a Stop Switch. The manual further states

Stop Switch
If you need to stop the Stand Mixer
immediately during use, press the Stop
Switch. To resume operation, reset the
Speed Control Lever to “0” (OFF), and
pull out the Stop Switch. Then, your Stand
Mixer is ready to be used normally again.
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Thank you very much for finding the manual, it seems I didn't Search enough. Does the one sold in the US have this button, or just the European version?

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Hi Alabdulsalam,

On industrial equipment there is always an EPO or Emergency Power Off switch (sometimes called EMO or emergency mains off).  The purpose is to cut the electricity to the machine easily and quickly in the event that something (hair, clothing, your hand, etc.) gets caught in the mechanical workings while the equipment is operating.  I've not seen it before on consumer products, but it is not a bad idea.


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I thought at first it was installed by our local dealer,because I didn't any info about it on KA website...actually its ruining the beauty of the mixer, but if it's safer, why not.