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Success is so tasty...learning to make bread has been a blast!

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Success is so tasty...learning to make bread has been a blast!

I started making bread three months ago. I began to notice that the bread I was buying at a local store was causing tummy troubles but I CANT LIVE with out bread. I purchased the Kind Arthur Bread book and began. A month into my journey I was frustrated because kneading my dough in my mixer was making a very dense bread. So I began to check this site and learned the Bertinet method and began using my hands. 

That was the missing ingredient. My breads are amazing now, crusty, fluffy, the crumb scrumptious I have done all white, wheat, sweet potato, baguette, fougasse, croissants, boules and more! Here are a few pic's of a newbie finding success in the middle of the boogie down Bronx!

I hope its not too much, but to me its insanely exciting! 


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Looks like you're off to an amazing start. It's good when your bread excites you. I'm getting hungry now looking at them! Excuse me while I go home and chow down on some of my own latest sourdough loaf...

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Nice!  Amazing variety, too.  Thanks for sharing with us!

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attractive collection of breads and croissants! 

welcome to this site! 


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killer!  Slap and folds helped my bread baking too!  Never use a mixer for bread anymore.  Now you are on your way only 10,000 more different breads to make :-)

Happy Baking

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For sure, never ever will I use a mixer again. I'm going to try a hand at Challah and Bagels. We will see. Still haven't decided which recipe to use, I fuss too much and always end up doing my own thing. Lolz. 

Thanks so much for the encouraging words. One day soon I will try my hand at sourdough. Gotta get the starter, well started.