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Happy thanksgiving

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Happy thanksgiving

I nearly missed out that you guys are celebrating thanksgiving today. So for this occasion, and also because I had to bake something for the bread baking day, organized by, here is my focaccia that we had today. A perfect autumn food that went well with our tomato soup tonight. 

The recipe features whey, an overnight fermentation and some beautiful olives and sun dried tomatoes with some Grand Padano on top. Delicious stuff that focaccia i have to say. Enjoy your festival :)



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Looks fantastic.  Thanks for sharing.



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with the olives, SD tomatoes and Grano Padano .

Happy Thanksgiving.  

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guys, I reconfirm, even for my breakfast it was very taste, crunchy and moist. Happy black Friday to you and don't buy / bake too many things :)

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Love the breads and the gemütlichkeit!

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is indeed a great page, I love to put my stuff there and I love the browse through those wonderful breads on display indeed. Everything comes together on my blog where, indeed, I am trying to create an ambience of taste, slowfood and Gemütlichkeit for myself :). Thanks for the comment and have yourself and your family a great festive season full of Gemütlichkeit, mulled wine and xmas baking !!!