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Heritage Grain, Ithaca

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Heritage Grain, Ithaca

During the heat of my Thanksgiving rush in the bakery right now (so many many rolls), I received word from a wonderful lady I was interviewed by back in May, named June. She works with New York State in Agriculture and specifically was interviewing about my heavy usage (roughly 90%) of local whole grains. 

We talked and talked about baking, why I choose, and how I can choose to use locally grown and milled grains. What I face with such choices and some more wonderful bread related banter. Near the end, she informed about a handful of bakers to be organized in Ithaca, New York for trial and analysis of some varietal grains -just yesterday I received the email asking to join along to work with some wonderful, gifted bakers, including Mr. Hamelman.

Needless to say, I nearly spat out my green tea, and thought, "Damn..." I'll keep everyone informed as this progresses towards the event date in January.

It isn't just because it is 'that time of the year', but I believe it goes without say, I am truly thankful for such an opportunity at nearly 26 years of age. I hope to make the most of this opportunity and continue my education, to the fullest.



Bread in the WFO, rolls to roll, orders to fill, no need to sleep. Oh and the picture is just a sourdough baguette (one of many) from this mornings bake so far. I haven't posted much pictures lately : (




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What a cheerful news! I'm happy for you, and i'm sure you'll learn the most from it. You are an inspiring talented baker, Arlo, uhmm, Chef Arlo.


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We should link-up.Im here in Syracuse, NY.

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This is fantastic, please keep us posted!

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It sounds like an honor and an opportunity Good for you!

BTW, that baguette looks wonderful!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Given your worth ethic and dedication to your craft, I can't think of anyone more deserving of such an honor.   

The trial sounds fascinating and I hope something is published on the findings.  Local grains seems to be a movement that's gaining.  Greg Carpenter, owner of Crooked Tree Breadworks (Petoskey/Harbor Springs), is working with local farmers in a quest to develop local grains he can use in his breads.  Their first crop of Organic Expedition Winter Wheat got off to a good start.  Hopefully it hasn't drowned given the torrential rains we've had this fall (and now snow).

Am really happy for you.  Do have a wonderful Thanksgiving - I sure would love to have that beautiful baguette to enjoy with a cup of green tea!


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Hi arlo,
Congratulation on this wonderful opportunity, to work with other bakers, and Mr. Hamelman, baking with local grains.
Are you by any chance going to be working with the bakers from Wide Awake Bakery?
At Kneading Conference West this year, I saw a couple of pictures of breads made by the bakers at Wide Awake Bakery - amazing.
I hope you have a great experience, baking and testing, and tasting the grain varieties - I hope you discover some beautiful flavors!
:^) breadsong

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very tasty and congrats on the trials and analysis of local grains with such fine bakers. 

Happy Thanksgiving Arlo.

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Hi Arlo,

Great lift for the holidays and a nice notch to put onto your bakers belt.

Using local wheats will likely prove to be very interesting. Filling us in on each type and its history would be a nice touch. Will the grain be certified organic? 

In any event good luck with your investigation - post often with imagery.

Lastly that's one tasty looking baguette...,


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Marvellous Arlo, your dedication is paying you just reward. Hope you'll be able to share some of your experience with us.