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100% Durum Semolina 36 hour Method

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100% Durum Semolina 36 hour Method

I love baking with Durum flour and bake with it all the time, so I figured it was time to finally make a 100% Durum bread.  I have not used the 36 hour method in a while so I incorporated it into this bake and used some KAF Durum flour in the 2 stage starter and in the final dough.  Technically there is a little bit of AP flour in the seed starter but I hope you won't hold that against me.

The technique I used for this bake creates a pretty sticky dough so it's not for the faint of heart but if you are willing to take the plunge you will be rewarded with an open and moist crumb and crispy crust.

I decided to make one large miche and used one of my Good Will finds for the banneton which left a nice pattern on the bread.





Semolina Starter Build 1

Mix ingredients in a bowl until thoroughly combined.  Cover the bowl and let it sit at room temperature for around 8 hours.  The starter should almost double when ready to proceed.

Semolina Starter Build 2

Add to Build 1 Starter:

100 grams Durum Flour

100 grams Water at Room Temperature (80-90 degrees F.)

Mix ingredients in a bowl until thoroughly combined.  Cover the bowl and let it sit at room temperature for around  4 - 6 hours.  The starter should almost double when ready to proceed.

Main Dough Procedure

Mix the flour and the ice water together in your mixer or by hand until it just starts to come together, maybe about 1 minute.  Put the dough in a slightly covered oiled bowl and put in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

The next day add your starter and salt to the dough and mix by hand until it is thoroughly mixed and evenly distributed.  Due to the high water content in the 100% hydration starter this dough is very easy to mix by hand and is very silky and smooth.

Bulk rise at room temperature for 2-3 hours until it grows around 1/3 in volume doing stretch and folds every half hour until it has developed the correct amount of strength.

Put the dough back into the refrigerator for around 20-24 hours.  I took it out about 20 hours later.

When you take the dough out of the refrigerator you want it to have almost doubled in volume.  Mine only rose about 1/3 in volume.  Let it rise at room temperature for around 2 hours or until the dough has doubled from the night before.

Next, divide the dough and shape as desired and place them in their respective basket(s).

Cover the dough with a moist towel and let sit at room temperature for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Score the loaves as desired and prepare your oven for baking with steam.


Set your oven for 525 degrees F. at least 45 minutes before ready to bake.  When ready to bake place the loaves into your oven on your oven-stone with steam and let it bake for 10 minutes and then lower the temperature  to 450 degrees.    When the loaf is golden brown and reached an internal temperature of 210 degrees F. you can remove it from the oven.

Let the bread cool down for at least an 3 hours or so before eating as desired.


Max getting in the Thanksgiving spirit with his Bird Hat


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Interesting Bake Ian, well done. 

Poor Dog,



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Thanks Wing.

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annie the chef

Another beautiful semolina loaf.  The dough seems very wet although there is only 74% hydration.

Max looks so cute in his hat.


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Thanks Annie.  Yes this is a pretty wet dough for only a 74%.

Thanks for your kind words.  Max says Hi.



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looks great.  The crust and crumb color are durum all the way.  Nice open crumb too.  Has to taste sweet with all  of that naturally sweet durum.  Bet this would make some fine French toast as well as bruschetta.  Max is getting in the spirit early.  I never would have guessed that it was a bird hat he was wearing.  Lucy thought he might be hung over and looked cute - she likes wild ones!.

Happy baking Ian


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Thanks DA...this one did come out nice and it's real tasty.  I think I will have to try some French Toast tomorrow but today will be a nice grilled pork sandwich I think.

Max is glad Lucy is impressed.


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Nice bread, poor dogie. ;)  

I need to find me a bag of this four.

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Thank you for your comments Darwin.

Max only had to suffer for a couple of minutes with his birdie costume.  I'm boiling him some chicken and rice to help with his upset stomach.


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Faith in Virginia

Perfect timing Ian,  Just received a 50# bag of semolina flour today.  I'll put this bread in my next round of baking.  Hope I can get mine to look half as good as yours.  Just beautiful.

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I'm sure yours will come out great.



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Yum, that is one yellow dough! You got a pretty open crumb, Ian. Just beautiful. Nice job!

Now, some olive oil and rosemary.


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Thank you Khalid.  I like this one a lot and have been eating it all week.  It's even coming with me to North Carolina for the holidays along with half my kitchen :).

You're right that olive oil and rosemary would be perfect as well with this one.