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SD 75% WW and Poolish White from FWSY

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SD 75% WW and Poolish White from FWSY

The white used Forkish overnight poolish method, due to my poor time management I cant mixed the dough at its peak, so i refrigerate the poolish for a couple of hours. Seems like retarding poolish doesnt give the bread extra flavor. Then I proceed as the book discribed mixed the flour using pincer method (but I didnt incorporate the flour completely, which could be seen in the crumb shot below, there are strands of flour showing in the middle of the crumb.) Im still making silly mistake after so many months. I did 2 in bowl S&F within the first 90 mins, while the poolish is straight out of the fridge, it took over 3 hours to rise to 2.5 time in volume. Divided it into 2 loafs. Shaped it as a huge batard, used parchment paper to hold its size. Leave it in room temp for 15 mins then retard it for 4 hours, while I go for my daily RUN. It was almost fully proof in the fridge, but i still Slash it, hoping that it will give me an ear, OPPS, it doesnt. Luck enough it will gives me some oven spring and not a flat loaf. 

Texture wise, it is soft, shiny with irregular holes. BTW I finally have the guts to pour hot water onto the bottom of my oven and its still alive. 

For my SD WW, that is the best one Ive ever bake. I proof them in two ways, slash one no retard, natural crack on with retard for 8 hours + 30min room temp proof (thanks to my poor time management). 

overall the retarded has a better taste and crumb structure. But it didnt "explode" as I have wished. Next time I will medium tight seam. 

Finally Desert TIME!!

Chocolate muffins filled with chestnut pure and choco chip


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Your loaves look beautiful Ceci! i love your WW version so much. The crumb of both are marvelous.



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the poolish one is also very good. Well done indeed.

For steam, besides throwing water in the bottom of the oven you can do one of two things or both.  Take  pan half full of water and roll up a kitchen towel and put it in the water Put this on the bottom rack of the oven with the stone on teh rack just above this.  This is called Sylvia's steaming pans.  I use two Pyrex loaf pans when i do this method.

Another way is to go to a garden center and get a small bag of volcanic lava rocks and put them in a pan half full of water.  This is David Snyder's steaming method.  Sometimes i do both Sylvia's and David's on the same bake.  If you put them in when the oven says it is at the baking temperature you want, in the 20 minutes that the baking stone temperature lags the oven temperature waiting for it to catch up,  the pans will be steaming full bore.

Happy baking

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For Sylvia's steaming Pans, Do I have to preheat the pan with the stone and fill it with hot water n towel or I use hot water fill the pan and soak a kitchen towel? 

I think there isnt enough steam for my bread its not cracking as much as the one I get from professional bakers. 

Do I have to preheat lava rocks?

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oven temperature by 15 -20 minutes, wen the oven gets to its baking temperature - say 450 F, that is when I load the pan with towel and water in the bottom of the oven.  In the next 15- 20 minutes, as the stone gets to 450 F, the water will be boiling when the bread goes in on the stone.  I usually check to make sure it is boiling before opening the door.  I also throw a1/2C of water in the bottom as i close the door. Same thing with the lava rocks in a pan half full of water too. Just load it in the bottom when the oven says it is at baking temperature and wait 15 -20 minutes to get the stone there too,

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Looks just about perfect.  Not to knock the white dough but its the prettier girl for sure.  Just a wonderful open crumb for 75% .  Kudos



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Great Job on these.  I love those whole wheat loaves.  The crumb and that crust look excellent.

Nice job.



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Song Of The Baker

As I have failed on the WW one in the past, I commend you on such a great bake.  This one looks perfect.  Jealous!


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Hi John,

I highly recommend the formulae n technique from FWSY by Forkish. I have failed so many times before, always resulting with dry crumbs, chewy and dense texture. After reading his booking and his video, I have some significant improvement in terms of stretch n fold and mixing. 

In terms of a 75 WW, with my limited experience, it is really open n taste great apart from the honey keep dripping of my toast.

Happy Baking