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OK, I said I'd let you know

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OK, I said I'd let you know

when I was happy with my croissants.  It really hasn't happened ("Give it to Mikey, he hates everything") but this week they were nice enough that I wanted to pinch their chubby little cheeks.

I'm still sheeterless, so these are hand lamination.  Not bad.  Not happy making, but not bad.

The pictures:


Well, if you all don't see the flaws - I do.  Must. Do. Better. (But they are pretty cute - and I'm learning how to hold a camera)

Formula from "Advanced Bread and Pastry", Suas - the hand mixed and laminated croissants.  I use 12 oz of roll in butter and a liquid levain instead of the poolish.

Oh, and LindyD - the brioche molds I use have 10 flutes and measure 4in across the widest part.  Hope this helps.

Gotta catch a plane (I'm getting out my really big net for that...)



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Hi Pat,

These are really 'cute' and your photos are just fine!  I love the golden brown colors you achieved on the crusts and the creamy color of the crumb.  To me it all looks good!


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If I looked at that picture and it was posted by someone else, I'd have a different (better) opinion of them.  But, since they are mine I feel free to nitpick.  Sigh.

Thanks for the kind words and enjoy the good weather while it lasts.



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And thanks for the details on the brioche molds.  

Those croissants look mighty fine to me.  Like Janet said, the crust and crumb are lovely.  Bitingly inviting!

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Some day I'll actually have the time to make a cafe au lait, sit down, and really savor one...

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De la confiture, du café ... c'est un bon petit déjeuner! 


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Moi, je préfère du beurre.  Je suis un peu comme Paula Deen. Je mets les croissants au froid pendant la nuit et les enlève du frigo a 3 :00 le matin pour faire l’apprêt et les enfourne pour le petit déjeuner.   C’est bien un effort, mais ca vaut la peine.

And with the scraps I make a snail danish with cinnamon sugar - those aren't so bad either....

Merci pour votre gentilless.


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annie the chef

Beautiful .... Just beautiful!


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You are very kind.

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Excellent Pat! you've achieved something many of us try hard to, myself included. I've given up on croissants for now.. too busy practicing other pastry.


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little vienoiseries are like baguettes - seemingly simple, but taking some practice.

As the winter wears on and my life perhaps takes a different turn, I am thinking of milling up some semi whole grain flour and making these - as well as blitz puff pastry - because that could be a lot of fun.

Thanks for your kind words.  Pastry practice always is its own reward!


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That little shimmer coming off the crumb makes any quibbles you may have about these immaterial.   Gorgeous.   Who got them and are they eternally grateful?  -Varda

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faithful limo driver usually gets a few (his children now turn their noses up at store bought), as well as my perpetual house guest, and friend who has dubbed herself "The Bread Fairy."  She is so funny - she will call people up and they will come and get bread (because the croissants aren't all I baked - I also made pretzels, and a fairly large batch of baguettes) if they aren't properly "appreciative" - they won't get bread again. I never even meet these people (because right now I haven't the minutes at home to spare) - but they will actually get in their cars and drive to get the bread.

Wish CO had cottage laws...

Thanks for the kind words.  I have the infinite capacity to beat myself up over little flaws.


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Those look pretty nice to me Pat....we are all our worst critics for sure. 


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for your kind words.  I have inspirational teachers who keep me trying to be the very best of myself. 



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And I love the look of these crunchy beauties. The holes. . . I could crawl inside. Hand-rolled these are very impressive and I thank you for sharing.