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Proofing baskets

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Proofing baskets

Hi all,

After a year of baking (and now more kitchen space), I've decided to invest in some nice banneton baskets - and forgo my towel-lined bowls.

I've primarily been following the Tartine Country Bread process, which doesn't indicate a recommended size for bannetons. Having just picked up Flour Water Salt Yeast, it looks like a 9inch banneton is recommended, but I'm finding it way easier to locate 8inch bannetons to purchase.

Anyone have opinions on whether it makes a difference? Given they're a bit of an investment, just want to make sure before taking the plunge!

Thanks in advance :) 

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Postal Grunt

The size of the proofing basket you choose should depend on the weight of the dough you use for your loaves. If you're familiar with baker's math, you should be able to scale your dough production up or down to suit the available equipment in your kitchen.

Investigate common dough weights for loaves in the TFL archives, using the search function at the top of the page before you buy a banneton. I just took a quick look and there are a lot of related inquiries there, enough that you should sit down with a strong cup of coffee before you start to delve into them.

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Bannetons should be whatever size of bread to prefer to make. If in any doubt, start small, depending on your bread needs.

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8 Inch should work fine if you are working with the 2000g loaf like the Tartine bread

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Here's a post about dough weights and proofing baskets:

I bake the Tartine recipe often and my 2000g of dough is divided into two boules and proofed in a 9" banneton each.  8" would not be enough. 


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Great clarification, thank you!! Will go with the 9inches.

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Bob Marley

This thread concerning quality german brotforms was posted last week.  Hope it helps.