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some like it hot

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some like it hot

So, after promising a few times, here finally is my Wasabi bread. I added 2 spoons of Wasabi and some fried onion pieces to the 1500 g of sourdough.The result is tasty, fluffy, light and got a wonderful crust. A very successful attempt I have to say. I bought myself some cheese and some cooked ham for this occasion. With a slice of tomato and some fresh spinach leave, what a tasty evening snack :). 

The crumb is a full success but unfortunately my stencil technique wasn't I wanted to stencil a skull on the bread to warn for the spiciness. But just where I had put the flour the bread surface cracked open and destroyed the skull. But at least you can still see the bones of the skull :). Have to find out how to bake without the surface cracking open for my next bake.


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Those flavours sound very interesting.  Nice looking bread you have there.

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A lot. The flavors are really good. I want to add a few slices of fresh salmon on my bread, it'll be like a sushi bread as the wasabi is already inside

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I like this bread a lot.  Too bad your stencil didn't work as well as you would have liked.  nice crumb and crust.



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for the comment Ian. I agree with you on the stencil as well as on the crumb and crust. I must find a way of baking so that the crust won't tear, or at least be able to predict where it will tear for my stencil to improve. Well, we shall see with my next bake.

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would be perfect for this wasabi bread.  The bread turns out great anyway and you didn't say if you could taste the wasabi and if bread was hot? As a lover of all things hot - I sure hope so.  i have some wasabi root in the the freezer just waiting for something  besides sushi.


Great baking FZ.  

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did turn out all right, didn't it? Just gotta work on the crust. You like all hot things? Welcome to the club. So the two table spoons of Wasabi paste (I don't have a root here), which I added to the bread, give the bread a distinctive taste of Wasabi and there is a certain hotness in the back of the palette, but it is not as hot as some fresh wasabi on a piece of fresh tuna meat. I also must work my way up and add more wasabi bit by bit to get to the level that is acceptable for me. Next time I will for sure add another spoon. How to translate that in grated root, I am not not so sure about it.

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Very interesting ingredients to bread, does the taste of Wasabi come through? I love your idea with sashimi, it must be fantastic!!

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the taste of the wasabi come through, 100% (I did an overnight proofing in the fridge). And it complements PERFECT wit the fried onions. I already tried with some Tuna sashimi. What can I say? I think I started something here, will have to talk to some sushi bars haha. Back to serious, it's a perfect combination, taste wise.

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Interesting!!! I think Im gonna have a go at this the coming week. For the fried onion you mean the deep fried onion or stir fried onion?

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for you:

Normal Sourdough 

Rye Flour 140.5g

Water 140.5g

Sourdough starter 14g

Mix everything together to smooth dough without any clumps inside and let it rest in a covered bowl at 24-28°C for 12 – 16 hours (please also compare the timing below). After your sourdough is ready, don't forget to take some starter away and keep it in the fridge for your next bread. 


Swollen piece 

Linseeds 50g

Water 75g

Immerse everything in the lukewarm water, cover it up and let them swell for 12 to 14 hours at room temperature. 


Main dough 

Sourdough 295g

Swollen piece 140g

Rye Flour 328g

Whole wheat flour 312g

Water 370g

Salt 15.6g

Dried yeast 2.8g

Wasabi 2 Tbsp.

2 onions: dice the onions and deep fry them



Starting time (input) 14 h

Sourdough 14 h

Yeast sponge 14 h

Nut piece 3 h

Scald 14 h

Swollen piece 0:30 h

Mixing bread ingredients 2 h

Mix ingredients + salt + sourdough. First rise (stretch and fold every 40 minutes). 0:30 h

Pre shaping and resting 1 h

Final shaping + Proofing (rise to a double) 1 h

Overnight retarding 12 h

Steaming 0:15 h

Baking 0:35 h

Enjoy baking

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stir fry them until golden brown, as I want to save on some oil. This way they are soft and give a little bit of moisture to the bread as well. Later on I will post the recipe for this bread if you want. If you bake it, let me know how it went for you. 

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U use 1:10 to feed your levain. That's a pretty small ratio

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I always use 1:10, that is correct and pretty usual in so many recipes. And it does work for me. I actually never keep more than a spoon full of starter in my fridge... How much you take?