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Best app or program for keeping a baking journal/diary?

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Best app or program for keeping a baking journal/diary?

Any recommendations for keeping a journal or diary for baking? I have both Windows PC and iPad.

I thought of creating a Wordpress site, bit that seems a bit over-the-top for something potentially modest. I want to keep track of recipes I try, changes, experiments, added ingredients, etc.

Suggestions welcome.


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There is an application for Mac OS called Breadstorm.  They don't currently support Windows or iOS.

If you were thinking of creating a site/blog, you could just click the "New Post" button here and start creating blog entries here.  Your blog would then be visible here

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Thanks. Looks interesting, but I don't have a Mac, just an iPad. And it's a tad pricey ($149!) given that I can get any of a number of PC-based cooking and recipe database programs for under $50. 

I host my own WP blogs, so I was originally thinking of installing one on my own site. I like having the layout control and management. I might just look for a suitable WP template and create a blog site on my own domain. WP has some interesting recipe plugins that might work.

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I can't imagine they sell many of these.

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Hello Floyd, Hello Ian. This is Jacqueline, co-creator of BreadStorm™.

Floyd, thank you for mentioning BreadStorm, very kind of you.

Ian, the BreadStorm iPhone/iPad app is currently in a private beta test. If participating in the beta test would interest you, I welcome you to email me (

BreadStorm is specifically for bread bakers, in particular bread bakers who like to work with complex formulas (formulas that contain pre-ferments and/or soakers).

Some bread bloggers like to take formula snapshots with BreadStorm and upload the snapshots to their respective blogs, just as they would upload photos. A beautiful example of this is MC's Fig-Anise Bread post (

I welcome your questions at any time. We look forward to hearing more as you get into blogging about bread.


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Thank, you, Jacqueline. I will contact you by email. I am likely not yet a target for your product, but I have experience as a software tester (and documentation writer). Perhaps I can help in other ways.

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Most of my private record-keeping is done in excel.  A separate spreadsheet for each class of breads, a separate workbook for each recipe. 

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Thanks. I thought about that - I keep other databases in Excel.But it's not really designed for publication format. I'd like to be able to post the recipes and images (the successful ones), later. I have been looking at recipe plugins for my own WordPress blog but not sure how well they can be exported for other uses.

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The Whole Grain

Interesting question. I too am struggling to keep a good track of my bakes.
Currently I use a paper notebook for detailed notes, and a blog for bread recipes and how-to's.