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Homemade Proofer

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Homemade Proofer

This is a recent project of mine using plywood from a previous project.

Some of the details:
-1/2" hardwood plywood finished with glossy polycryclic
-1/2"x1/2"x1/8" angle iron runners on the inside
-1"x1"x1/8" angle iron on the top to put hot pans on as they come out of the oven
-xenon lights on the inside middle
-for humidity I put a damp towel on the griddle with the griddle set on 'low'
-this proofer holds 6 full size sheetpans with room for the bread to rise

There you go, let me know if you have any questions.



This is the thermostat I got through Amazon with a switch for the lights below it.



The griddle is this cheapie from WalMart.

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mother of invention - well done!

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One of my favorite quotes for sure.  That and plenty of random quotes from Blazing Saddles, of course :)

Thanks dabrownman!


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Made something similar to this for fermenting my carboys of beer. There are many plans for a DYI project. 

I converted it to a proof box by changing the heating method, and I put in a humidity regulator. Got it from a sausage company. Also built the insides with a lining of a commercial wall material that can withstand heat and humidity. Sealed it with silicone so the outside plywood I used would not rot or warp.

Sold it to a friend who has been using it the last 4+ years to proof his bread before putting it into his WFO at his weekend cabin.


Carlton Brooks

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It's always nice to know that there are people even more obsessive than me  :)

Just kidding, sounds awesome.


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MCS, very nice build. Thanks for sharing.  Carlton, the commercial wall material that you are speaking of, is it something you spray or paint on, or something you cut to fit? Any pics?

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Thanks for sharing the project.

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You might think about a little muffin fan in there it move the air around and equilibrate the temperature and humidity.

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this is amazing. thanks for the inspiration! I have a full sheet rack that i'm trying to turn into a proofer. I recently bough a plastic cover and a heavy dutch oven, and it seems to work but it's just annoying that i have to keep reheating the water every so often (and i also end up having too much humidity). will play around a bit.

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That thing is friggin awsome! Great idea