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Baking stone preparation and use

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Baking stone preparation and use

I just received an Old Stone Oven baking stone from Amazon, yesterday.I haven't used a stone before.

The instructions just say to rinse it with water before use.

Anyone have other suggestions for preparation before use? Should it be "seasoned" first by heating before I use it for baking? 

Should it be rinsed each time before use? Or just the first time? Do I wait for it to dry before using?

Can I use parchment paper on it when baking bread?

Thanks in advance.


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I don't know all of the answers, but I will tell you what I do.  Rinse with water, no soap as they are very porous allow to dry before use. I did not season the stone before use, just preheat the oven with the stone in it.  I use it mainly for pizza, when it needs cleaning I allow it to cool and brush it off, rinse  and allow to fully dry before use again. I have used parchment paper on it with no visible problems.  Lots of stories about them cracking so I try not to shock the stone in any way.  Unglazed tiles are on my list to try when my stone breaks.

Good luck and enjoy your efforts.  :)

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After the initial cleaning, then it is clean as necessary. Typically, this will involve scraping down as needed(with metal bench scraper, etc) and/or wiping down with a damp cloth, if needed.

Seasoning/curing not mentioned, may not be necessary, but it won't hurt. Also performed only once, with first use. Place the cleaned, cold stone in the cold oven and heat to max(typically 500 to 550°F, or so), for 60-90 minutes. Allow to cool thoroughly in the oven.

If you ever rinse, or immerse in water, yes it must be allowed to dry thoroughly. Maybe allow like a day to dry(just my opinion on that one. In 4 years, I can't recall ever feeling the need to rinse my stone. I use it at least twice per week). I do remove the stone if something greasy or juicy/sticky might drip on it. Really, if baking anything other than bread or pizza, I typically remove the stone from the oven.

Yes, it's perfectly fine to use parchment, for bread, pizza, etc.

Although not as stout as some of the thicker baking stones, I believe the Old Stone Oven baking stone is of better quality than your typical, generic "pizza stone". It should not crack with reasonable use and care. It should last for many years. I believe the site owner/operator here, Floyd, owns one.

Info from

"Old Stone Oven brand Pizza and Baking Stones
• Specially formulated clay is fired at over 2000°F, creating a surface with porosity that is ideal for baking pizza or bread.
• For added strength, without extra weight, the underside of the larger stones have ribbed feet, and can be used on barbecue grills over indirect heat.
• You can leave the stones in the oven all the time, if you like. You can even leave them in during the oven cleaning cycle, which will burn off any stuck-on foods."

More use and care instructions from

Again, good luck.


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Put some cornmeal on it before you put dough on it. Only room temp dough, nothing ever frozen or it will crack the stone. Preheat your oven with the stone in it, and you don't need parchment paper. Here is a step by step guide with a few more tips!