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This isn't bread but it is flour and water

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This isn't bread but it is flour and water

Has anyone seen this. It's amazing.

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Extraordinary technique! I know we can all appreciate the artistry in this dough handling. I think I saw this technique originally on a clip from Martin Yan or Ming Tsai.

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I have not seen this particular clip before but I have seen this done and it is amazing.

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Does anyone know what grade flour is used and how much the dough is kneaded before it is 'worked'? It's not that I am considering such an attempt
(but I could put it on my 'things to teach myself before it's too late' list when I retire! I would love to acquire such a skill. Thenk you for the video. M

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The ingredients are just typical ones for making noodles:

  1. All purporse flour
  2. Salt (2% in weight)
  3. Warm water (50%)
In China, it's common to add some aklaine stuff, e.g. L-Lysine (0.6% in weight), in making noodles to increase the elastics in the dough.
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Mini Oven

When I buy Chinese AP flour it has anywhere from 7-8% protein, "ideal for noodles" is stated on the bag.    (That would be KA 00 Italian flour.)     Mini Oven

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So that's how it's done.  He makes it look so easy.

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Wildeny, thank you for the info. i suspected that there may have been a special flour or ingredient used for the dough to behave as demonstrated. M