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Bread class!

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Bread class!

I've been teaching four hour bread classes to raise money for my daughter's school and for the food bank, and it's been amazingly fun. For each class we bake a pizza for lunch (with wine and beer if there are adults) and make a few breads. Usually a sourdough, and a couple of others as they request. I just did a class for four middle-school aged girls where we made two soudoughs, pizza, monkey bread and cinnamon rolls -- they were a fantastic group.

Anyway, tons of fun.




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Hey Jeff!  Good to see you again.

I'm going to teach a session on pizza making at our local community centre in a few weeks.  No kids though, this group is made up folks in our neighbourhood, Chinese and Korean ladies mostly.  It should be fun!

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Both are fine organizations that could use some extra cash I'm sure!  Well done!

Be happy teaching baking :-)

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Getting to see someone's eyes light up with a new understanding, or that "I did it myself!" rush, or a new sense of confidence where there once was doubt, is a pretty cool experience. Glad to hear that you get to enjoy it, too, Jeff.


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Pioneer Foodie

How much do you charge for such a class? I've been thinking about doing something through the "continuing education" programming at the university. What would people pay for a four-hour class? For a two-day class? For four afternoons, every Saturday for a month?