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Sprouted Wheat Flour Sourdough - 'From the Wood Fired-Oven' By Richard Miscovich

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Sprouted Wheat Flour Sourdough - 'From the Wood Fired-Oven' By Richard Miscovich

Since baking my first loaf of 100% sprouted wheat flour loaf and other recipes using this flour I have loved everything about this bread and the use of this flour.  It's health benefits and versatility is no less than amazing.

No wonder my first choice and first bake from RM new book 'From the Wood-Fired Oven' is his beautiful loaf of 100% sprouted wheat flour.

I began all my baking preparations with the intent of a WFO bake.  I made enough dough for 6 loaves of my http://wwwefreshloaf/node/29050/sourdough-semolina-country-bread and the lovely SWFS loaf.  

This time I changed my formula for the SSCB by using my Caputo Rinforzato flour in place of the KABF.  The loaves turned out delicious with a lovely chew and crust.  I think a little more chew than when I use the KABF.   All in all I was very happy with the loaves and sent one very large loaf over to my neighbor.  They said the pizza I sent them over tasted just like the ones they had in Italy.  That was such a lovely compliment.  I had told them the flour used was from Italy : ) and this bread also had Italian flour in it.

I don't normally make this many loaves of bread at once.  But since these were intended for the wfo there would be plenty of room and the more loaves the merrier the bake.


Well, to make a long story a little shorter.  Men and their bike's or motorcycles in this case come first.

Mike had a new muffler system installed on his motorcycle.  He is a cyclist bicycles at heart but loves his motorcycle too!

On his way home from the bike shop on his newly installed muffler system it went caput to say the least..the very least.  

The tow service went to the right highway but the wrong town.  Mike was left beside the road in the dark for 2 hours.  He was fit to be tied.

He asked me to take him to the bike shop today because some more parts were supposed to arrive at our house today and he wanted me to drive him to drop off the parts.  The plan was the bike would be would wait for the bike to be fixed and ride it home.   The parts not being delivered on time by our friendly UPS guy.  They arrived to late by postal service.  

I put firing up the wfo off.  To many time warps.  Mike was pretty clueless to what I was planning today.  I didn't fill him in.  He had enough on his mind.  I could fire up the oven another day :)

To make things worse.  After the parts did arrive late.  Tomorrow BMW is closed until Tuesday :/  More delays for Mike.  He'll have to wait a little longer to enjoy his birthday present.


I could not be more pleased with my new WFO bread book by Richard Miscovich.  

To quote Peter Reinhart.  "This is the book for which all wood-fired oven owners, hopeful owners, and serious bakers have been waiting."

It is beautifully written and printed on high quality paper and binding with gorgeous photos.  A wonderful addition to my collection of wfo books.  


This Sprouted wheat flour sourdough is absolutely delicious.  

The only changes I made was to do an overnight ferment and made enough dough for one loaf instead of two.




Sprouted wheat flour - 89g - 100%

Water -75ºF -                58g -  65%

Liquid starter                 14g    16%


Combine you flour, water, and starter.  I mixed by hand or use a mixer until the flour is incorporated and dough is cohesive.  Mix until there is no more dry flour.

Cover and let ferment at 75º for 8 hours.  Starter is ready when the volume has increased by about 2/3 and is fluffy.


Final Dough                                  Bakers %

Sprouted Wheat Flour    266g       100%

Water                              261g         90%

Sea Salt                               7g          2%


DDT - Adjust water so the dough is 76º at the end of your mixing


Combine flour and water in a mixing bow.  Holding back levain and salt.

Mix until throughly incorporated and homogeneous.  Does not need to develop the dough at this point.  The dough can be of a shaggy.  Cover and autolyse for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Mixing.  Either by machine or hand.

I used my KA mixer on slow.

After the autolyse, add the salt and the levain cut the levain in chunks.  I mixed on slow for about 5 to 6 minutes.  Until the dough was sticky by a little gluten formation was starting and the surface will look a little shiny.  This dough does tear more easily than if using a regular flour.  The dough will transform between mixing and shaping, especially after the second fold.

Place the dough in a covered container and let it ferment for 2 hours, flolding every 30 minutes.  Three folds in all.

Preshape.  Half an hour after the last fold, turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface.  Shape into a loose round ball.

Place on a lightly floured surface, cover and let rest for about 20 minutes.

Shape into a boule or bâtard seam side up.

Let them proof for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours.    I did an overnight prove. 

Score with the Carpal Sutra score mark and bake in a steamed 450ºF oven.  

I baked on pre-heated stones for approximately 30-35 minutes.



A creamy delicious crum not to dry or moist with a lovely browned crust.  I just imagine what it will taste like tomorrow toasted.


Pomegranate Jelly makes this a perfect holiday gourmet bread.  Absolutely delicious!


If this all disappears I'll cry.






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Sylvia:  Looks fantastic!  Thanks for sharing all of your tips. I am going to try this as I just got some sprouted wheat flour.

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Your welcome and enjoy this is a very delicious bread!


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beautimous would be these breads.   Crust that only a wfo can make and a 90% hydration, whole grain sprouted crumb that is just lovely too.   I'm guessing jelly machine pomegranate jelly to top it off!  Lucy bettter get me one of those for x-mas.  You are right the jelly with the bread would make a fantastic Holifday gift set. 

Poor Mike, I feel his pain.  I forgot the staybil and my old gas clogged the 6 carburators on my bike - again.  Last time this happened they charged me $600 to fix it!  This time I'm going to try and unclog them with some carb cleaner in the gas first and ride it for 100 miles to hopefully clean them out! 

Happy baking Sylvia ....Oh yeah...I got some sprouted grain thsi week too - look see!

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We are really enjoying these breads and the neighbor too!  Since my daughter is not eating bread, processed, sugar, meat and I forget what else she will be loving pizza and a loaf of one of my WWSF loaf and pizza.  Mike will get to rest this Sunday and maybe even enjoy some pork roast out of the wfo.

I sure hope you get the bike in shape and enjoy your ride.  Things will be in good paws with Lucy attending to the sprout garden.


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Great post Sylvia and terrific bread.  I am on the way back from KAF and my trunk is overflowing with flour.  Can't wait to give your formula a go but alas I don't have a WFO :(.



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This bread is as easy to make as it is enjoyable to eat.

You'll get the true flavor and feel for the dough with this 100% SWWF.  

I highly recommend the book too.  You don't have to have a wfo to enjoy all the lovely bread formula's and abundance of information written.  

How nice you can drive to KAF for your supplies.  That has to be like a kid in a candy me it would be anyway : )

It's great, anything you can cook in a home oven you can make in a wfo and the other way around.

Happy Baking


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It was like bakers heaven!  I had gone 1 time before 3 years ago and have been dying to go back.  I went last time before they redid the entire store section so now it is at least 3 times the size and beautifully done.  I just barely fit the 9 bags of goodies in my trunk!

I will certainly look to add that book to my library.


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Now that you mention it.  I do recall seeing a picture of their new store in their e-mails.  Looks like quite a nice store to keep up with their growing popularity.

You won't be disappointed in this book.  I got mine early because I had it pre-ordered.  It also was recommended to me by breadsong.  Amazon had it priced higher at first but did give me the new lower price at it's release.


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and sorry so much trouble with the bike.   But all better with such nice bread.  -Varda

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Thank you, Varda : )


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That is a beautiful basket of bread, Sylvia!  The sprouted wheat flour sounds great, I'll have to keep an eye out for it.  Thanks for sharing!


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For your lovely compliment and your welcome!  I have ordered SWWF online and my local Whole Foods and specialty market carries it.


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I'm still looking for a bread using SWWF that knocks my socks off. I am tempted to give this one a try. 


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Mike and I thought this bread extraordinarily delicious! 

Toasted with my homemade mixed berry jam is remarkably yummy!


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I'm Sorry for your husband's misadventure, Sylvia. I'm sure this wonderful sprouted loaf of yours warmed up your hearts. This flour sounds so delicious, i'm tempted to try it. No sprouted flour here though.


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We are just about to leave to take the new parts to the shop and hopefully all will be fixed.  

I hope someday you will be able to try this bread.  You won't be disappointed.


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Hi Sylvia,
Sorry to hear about Mike's motorbike and hope it all worked out with the parts.
You make gorgeous Italian breads and the country semolina is so pretty - as is the pomegranate jelly, such color!
I am glad you are enjoying Richard's book.  I've made Richard's Sprouted Whole Wheat - it is a really lovely bread, and yours looks beautiful!; love the X's for the scoring.
I'm so looking forward to your posts - your talent, your WFO, and Richard's book in your hands - can't wait to see what's going to happen!
:^) breadsong

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The country semolina loaves are one of our favorite house breads.  It seems I'm always messing a little with my previous formula.  It was fun trying the stronger italian caputo flour in this had a little more chew to it and didn't need any add ins for good carmelization.  Next I'll make it with the chefs caputo and then probably back to just my regular bread flour.  I like saving my dearly priced caputo for pizza's and it does make the pizza crust we enjoy the most.

I'm so pleased to add Richard's new book to my collection.  Just wish I could have had it back when I first started using and learning about my wfo.  

I've pretty much figured it out now.  Each oven will have it's own ways.  I just jumped in and let it speak to me 'lol'  didn't even know how to light a proper fire when I first starting using it I 'smoked up the whole neighborhood'.  That's a very funny story.   Wfo books would have come in very handy.  I've learned so much just from cooking in it.  They really aren't that hard to figure out once you get started, and seeing some basic charts on my oven from Forno Bravo helped me a lot.

I have enjoyed Richard's book very much.  It's filled with a lot of important information and seeing that I have been doing things right and learning some new tricks like clarifying butter in the oven!  Seeing that we both use some of the same utensils, the same way was a good feeling.  I had to laugh when I saw the same of my all time favorites I use often, mine is over 40 yrs. old and  he also likes using the small plastic containers for pizza dough.

Mike and I enjoy his SFWW bread very much, it's a keeper.  

Something I haven't tried and don't think I will is cooking a steak directly on the hearth.  Even with such easy cleanup, I can see how that would work.  I have tried them directly on the hot coals and that does work with both meat and veggies, in a pan, I don't care to cook my much splatter.  My favorite is just on the tuscan grill with some coals underneath.  I always try to use all my heat in my oven as Richard explains in his book.  It's not always easy multitasking the oven as I call it.  Mainly because I buy my wood and prefer the oak and it's pretty expensive because I don't store a lot.    

My oven is first a pizza oven so making bread I have to steam a lot because of the higher domed roof.  I don't think things will change much from the way I have been using my oven.


I've added a forgotten crumb shot of the sourdough semolina country loaf with the stronger caputo flour



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Hi Sylvia,
Sorry for the late reply. Your country semolina bread is *beautiful* and I'm glad you're getting so much out of Richard's book.
My copy arrived in the mail and I've started to read it, really enjoying it and smiling at Richard's observations
(like the last factor he mentions for good fermentation)  :^)
It's very obvious to me you've got your oven figured out!!!
Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving,
:^) breadsong

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I made this today in a regular oven and it is absolutely delicious.  Thank you for posting the recipe.  Lavanya

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for letting me know that you baked and enjoyed this bread!

Happy Holidays!