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Still Baking....Just Not Blogging

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Still Baking....Just Not Blogging


Howdy TFLers.  Been a while.  I just wanted to check in and say hi.  I continue to bake, though not every week like I used to.  Most of my baking is the tried-and-true standards: a variety of sourdoughs, fruit-nut breads like Reinhart's Cinnamon-Raisin-Walnut, an occasional challah, bagels, pizza.

And, obviously, I haven't been blogging.  Some time I'll get into some new experiments worth sharing.

The photo above is today's bake of the San Francisco Country Sourdough I've posted about many times.  One of the moistest, tenderest crumbs ever.  Perfect for sopping up the juices of the charcoal-broiled ribeye with garlic-shallot butter...perhaps the last barbecue of the year, with Daylight Savings Time around the corner.

Cat and I are heading to Edinburgh, Scotland in a couple weeks, with a side trip to Glasgow.  Any bakeries there I mustn't miss?

Happy baking!



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Great looking loaf!  

Nice to hear from you and see that you are still enjoying some of your favorites bakes.  I have been craving PR CRW and/or P loaves.  It's also one my favorites too.

Wow, sounds like you are having a nice vacation coming up soon.  Have a wonderful trip and bring us back some photo's : )




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Hi Glenn,
Nice to hear from you, glad you're still baking and lovely to see another of your beautiful breads.
I don't know of any bakeries in Scotland, but did meet a Scottish baker, Andrew Whitley, at Kneading Conference West 2012; he runs a baking school 17 miles from Edinburgh.
I am not sure if Andrew offers tours or if his shop is a retail one (they sell baking tools etc. online); if visiting Andrew's school is of interest you might email the school to inquire?
I hope you have a great trip to Scotland and find all sorts of delicious foods!
:^) breadsong

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Lovely SF sourdough, Glenn.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Scotland! While you're there, pay Andy (ananda) a visit, he isn't very far south of scotland.


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Hi Glen,

Good to see you're still around and still baking great bread. Lovely loaf!

Not too far from Edinburgh, maybe 30 minutes or less by rail, is Dunbar Bakery , a finalist in Britain's Best Bakery Contest a while back. Andy put in some work there earlier this year and reckons the owner/baker Ross Baxter to be one of the finest pastry chefs in the UK, so that might be worth a visit. As Khalid mentions, Andy is South of Scotland in Northumberland, the nearest station to him is Alnmouth, about 2 hours from Edinburgh. The scenery through that part of the UK is gorgeous so I hope you have the opportunity to take some of it in.

Have a great trip!




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about the bakeries in Scotland but I hear the distilleries aren't too bad if you like some really fine scotch:-)  From the looks of this loaf you could probably teach them a thing or two ahout SFSD baking!  Very nice loaf Glenn.  Good to hear from you again and

Happy travels and baking.  

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Have fun in Scotland.