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Commercial Grade Mill

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Commercial Grade Mill

So the business is pushing forward.  I have an oven builder and my sizing and style all decided on.  Seeking a wood source is up on the agenda and there is plenty to choose from in  my area that I think that should be quite easy..  Exactly what mix of wood I'll need I have to do some researching.  Hardwood that is dry and burns hot has been what I'm told.  I bet there is a nice mix of woods that would be ideal.  

My production needs will be to bake about 300 give or take over time loaves a day (1/4 of which will be baguettes)

the loaves will average around 2kg raw dough and the baguettes will be very french and scale in at 350g raw dough 

I intend to grind all of my own grain and wonder if anyone has suggestions to what mill to use.  Currently I use

Meadows 8" Stone Burr Grain Mill 

It's grinds grain quite fast, but is tricky to adjust the grind in my opinion, and is very noisy. I looked at the komo jumbo mill online which claims to be commercial grade and have interest based on its popularity.  

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

Happy Baking