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Mugnaini Trailer Pizza oven

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Mugnaini Trailer Pizza oven

So, I've been baking for our local Farmers Market for the last two years now, in my 54x45 brick oven. I have established a great following, but am considering branching out into pizzas.

I'm considering a mobile pizza oven on a trailer and weighing the "everything included package" from companies such as Mugnaini (well over $20,000) to a home-made version, where I would build the oven on a trailer myself.

Does anybody have any suggestions one way or another? If I built my own on a trailer, it would most likely be rectangular (Alan Scott style), and the ones I see pre-assembled are usually round.

There's most likely a big difference in price and time it would take to build it vs. having it delivered "ready to go".

If I built it myself, I know there are a lot of things to consider, such as the trailer itself, good sway stability and building the oven so it doesn't crumble while being towed.

I guess one of my main questions would be if the hefty Mugnaini price tag is worth it?

After doing some more digging, I also found these guys:

Their website isn't exactly top-notch, and their prices seem to be suspiciously low, compared to Mugnaini, but does anybody have any experience with their company?


Thanks in advance,

Stephan Jennebach

Firebrick Bread


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in the Brick-Oven Yahoo group.  If you haven't already joined that group, I suggest you do.  There's some good advice about trailer-mounted ovens.


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Thanks, Paul.


I am a member there, but thought I'd ask here first:)

I'll post the same questions there.



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A friend of mine built a WFO on a trailer and he sells pizzas at the farmers market and various local events.  I forget what he spent to build the oven but I believe that it was under $2000, it may have been under $1500.  He uses the best ingredients that he can find (within reasonable cost) , all organic everything,  and no meats as that would require further considerable expense to satisfy state laws.  From the outside the operation appears successful.  The average pizza price is $10 for a 9-10 inch pizza that will feed two normal people or one standard over eating American.  I know that at the market he sells about 50-60 pizzas and depending on the type of other event, over 200 pizzas.

If you want any other specific information let me know as I would be happy to ask him.


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Thanks, Jeff.

Could you tell me what State your friend operates in? I have found there to be many obstacles in the good State of Minnesota - so much so that a completely enclosed trailer with an oven inside (along with prep station and sinks) seem to be the only option at this point...

I'll be calling the Health Department later this week to get some more details for sure.



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Contact Joe P. @

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May not be want you are looking for, but I thought of this post when I saw it.

Good luck