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Question re Nutrimill One-Speed Model

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Question re Nutrimill One-Speed Model

to those of you who own and use the Nutrimill grain mill I have a QUESTION...

How often do you use the low speed (for coarse milling) when milling flour for bread? Or do you mainly use the high speed and just vary the fineness of the grind?

Nutrimill has a one-speed model out that only mills on high. Cost is $200 flat (no additional shipping costs!). I mainly want to mill finer flours (equivalent in feel to a commercial equivalents) for bread baking. I have a Kitchen Aid grain mill attachment, which I can always use if I want to mill a coarse flour or crack grain.

For bread baking, is this a good deal? Or would the inability to mill on "low" be too limiting?

thanks in advance...

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I'm curious about the mill speeds as well.  I hope someone has an answer.

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Many participants here use the Nutrimill.

Inquiring minds plus the idly curious need your response to this question

TIA (Thanks In Advance)