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A helpful tip that originates from recent experience

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A helpful tip that originates from recent experience

When your family is out of bread, and you decide to bake up a loaf in the evening when you get home from work, and you didn't sleep particularly well for the last five nights because your wife is 3,000 miles away house hunting, and you put the bread in the oven at 11pm, and you sit down on the couch to read a book while it bakes ...


I'd include pictures of the poor blackened loaf if my wife didn't have the camera. But talk about a crispy crust!!! (too bad it's inedible ....)

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Mini Oven

Now take your box grater and reduce the size of your loaf to nothing! That's an order! There might still be something left. Save the crumbs as antidote for accidental poisoning. I would think you'd have a timer, alarm clock, or something to shake you out of sweet dreams of bread munching...ah tired to think of it. Better luck next time. I sympathize. --Mini Oven

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jmonkey welcome to the club! The timer on my oven is broken so it beeps continuously when it goes off so I can't sleep through the alarm, supposedly:>) Nothing like a little smoke in the curtains to please the wife.


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Did you think of trying bread and milk?  That could have saved it.  LOL.  Well, maybe not!  I'm glad you are ok and not consumed by smoke. 

You guys need my timers.  My range doesn't have a timer so I have a duck timer and a rooster timer and you can hear those suckers anywhere in the house!  I love them but I'm sure they might drive some people nuts.  Still, they work. :o)

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You're supposed to do a burnt offering in the new house, not the old one!


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Dorota used to always do that with sweet potatoes. She'd put them in the oven at 4 in the afternoon and around bedtime we'd notice the oven was still on. Rarely much of anything left by that time.

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Best timer I found *Click Here* . It's a tripple timer with dual display, stop watch and clock - all working simultaneously if you wish. Believe me ... if you don't hear that one then someone may as well carry you out of your house in your sleep without you noticing. BROTKUNST