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Old Baking Books Free at

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Old Baking Books Free at

There are many old baking books in e-formats at the
Here are some interesting ones I found that you can read online
or downloaded for free in various formats such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, etc.

Ryzon Baking Powder Baking Book 1916 - with color illustrations


Book of American Baking 1910 - Bakery Volume Recipes from Trade Publication

A Treatise on Flour, Yeast, Fermentation, and Baking 1914 - Bakery Volume Recipes from The Fleischmann Co.

The_Fleischmann_Treasurey_Of_Yeast_Baking_ (1962)

Grocers' manual: 1888 containing recipes, formulas and instructions for the manufacture of baking powders, flavoring extracts, essences, condiments, etc.'_manual_containing_recipes_formulas_and_instructions_for_the_manufacture_of_baking_powders_f

The modern baker, confectioner and caterer 1907

Baker's bread 1913 - Bakery Volume Recipes'_bread.

A treatise on bread, and bread-making 1837

Modern Practical Baking 1921

Vienna bread 1909

New England breakfast breads, luncheon and tea biscuits 1891

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Here's a link to online e-copies of old cooking brochures and booklets you can either read online or download in various formats (for free) at

The story of Crisco (1914).

The story of Crisco (1920).

The story of Crisco (1921).

Mazola_Perfect_For_Deep_Frying (1925).

Aunt Jenny's Favorite Recipes (Spry shortening) about 1940.

Snowdrift secrets the perfect shortening for all cooking (c1913).

The Calumet cook book (1916).

My favorite receipt, Royal Baking Powder Company (1909).

The Royal Baker and Pastry Cook (1895).

The_Fleischmann_Treasurey_Of_Yeast_Baking_ (1962).

Ryzon baking book, baking powder (1917).

60_Prize_Winning_Formulas_Pillsbury_US_Bake_Off_BK850_ (1950).

Betty Crocker's Cookbook for boys & girls (1975).


Velveeta Recipe Booklet

Pet Milk Recipe book

Armour and company Recipe leaflet

The World's fair recipe book (1893).

All-Canadian recipe book. (2012).

Good Housekeeping's Book of Recipes (1920).

Prego Spaghetti sauce recipes

Vermont_Maid_Syrup_Recipes (1932).

Cooking With Dr Pepper

Recipes_For_Eatmor_Fresh_Cranberries_ (1953).

Sunset all-western cook book (1933).

Meals on wheels; a cook book for trailers and kitchenettes (c1937).

Hershey's Catalog of chocolate and cocoa products (early 1900's?).

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A treatise on bread, and bread-making 1837

And don't really know where to start,  I don't there is anyone this man wouldn't have offended in some way today!  What a hoot!  And then there are some things that ring true today.

Thanks for posting this.

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We still have a modern facsimile of the Graham Cracker to this day!

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:-)  Wouldn't it be cool if he really invented the Graham Cracker rather than just being one!

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I think the author 'Sylvester Graham' is the same Reverend 'Sylvester Graham' that did indeed invent the Graham Cracker. Well, at least the time frame is right and I can't imagine that being a very common name.

Tradition says that the Graham Cracker was produced to provide a 'bland' food which would help discourage one from 'self-abuse'.

I'm only thru the first third of the book, but it doesn't seem to me that 'bland' is what he's after, rather health. I don't know, but it's a very interesting read.


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I'm bookmarking this one. Thanks.

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The yeast cell 1949

Microwave baking of yeast raised doughs 1979 by Kansas State University

Make Your Own Freezer Yeast Doughs by the Robin Hood Flour company 1990's

Salt-rising bread and some comparisons with bread made with yeast 1912

Leavening agents; yeast, leaven, salt-rising fermentation, baking powder, aerated bread, milk powder 1914

Home made bread 1920 Golden Gate Compressed Yeast Co. in San Francisco

Grape culture in California, Yeasts from California grapes 1908


Home bakings 1912 by Golden Gate Compressed Yeast Co. in San Francisco

The complete confectioner, pastry-cook, and baker 1846

The royal baker and pastry cook By Royal baking powder company 1888, 1895

Modern mixes for bakers By Calumet baking powder co 1914

Bread and cake baking 1877

A practical guide for the cake and bread baker 1884

The chemistry of wheat, flour, and bread, and technology of breadmaking 1886

Bread and bread-making 1889

The history of bread from pre-historic to modern times 1904

How to make bread 1910

Some points in the making and judging of bread 1913

Siebel's manual and record book for bakers and millers 1917's_manual_and_record_book_for_bakers_and_millers

War-time breads and cakes 1918

The chemistry of breadmaking 1921

Home baked bread By Agriculture Canada. Food Advisory Division 1980

The American pastry cook 1894

The modern baker 1903 - Bakery recipes by weight

Bakers' secrets 1885 - Bakery recipes by weight'_secrets

The baker's hand book 1895's_hand_book

Flour milling 1917

Wheat flour: its weight and moisture content 1922

Graham flour 1913

Use rice flour to save wheat 1918 by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

The story of a grain of wheat 1903

Descriptive pamphlet of the Richmond (Flour) Mill Furnishing Works 1873

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3rd edition 1913 is a much better read.  Love these recipes that start  1 pail of ferment, 1 pail of water and 1 pail of milk where he notes that he is using the standard 10 quart pail unless he specifically notes a 20 qt pail.

Lots of really cool old recipes that don't have to be made by the 'matron' of the home rather than the sevants

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I like the recipes with weights instead of volumes in Paul Richards book. I might be tempted to do a baker's percentage and make a loaf or two of some of those old recipes.

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I wonder if Mark Sinclair (mcs) has read this tome?

Meals on wheels; a cook book for trailers and kitchenettes (c1937).



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great thread, thanks for posting these links!

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Stoves for 1904 (illustrated catalog)by Sears,Roebuck and Co.

Jewel stoves, ranges, and furnaces (illustrated catalog)1911

National stove, ranges and furnaces (illustrated catalog)1925

National stoves, ranges and heaters (illustrated catalog)1950

Novelty Brand stoves and ranges (illustrated catalog)(1914)

Peninsular stoves and ranges. (illustrated catalog)(1931)

Illustrated catalogue of light and dark glazed Bristol ware (illustrated catalog)1900?

Tin ware and tinners' supplies (Pots, pans, etc) (illustrated catalog)1889

Enameled Steel Pots & Pans (illustrated catalog) (1915)

Bakery Equipment Trade Catalog (illustrated catalog) 1907

Oneida Brewing Company Premium catalog. (illustrated catalog) (1914)

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1881 Crackers and Cookies Sample Catalog - in color. Pictures of crackers and cookies from 1881.

Direct e-book link

Library page listing book

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Kitchen Barbarian

Go check out Project Gutenberg.  A lot of the books on the Internet Archive as well as openlibrary were lifted from Project Gutenberg to start with.  If nothing else, it's fun to read the strange (to us) quantity units, and the methods for telling how hot your hearth fire or inglenook is so you could estimate how long to bake something.