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Tahnisalata, a quickie hummus

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Tahnisalata, a quickie hummus

Just thought I'd share for peeps addicted to hummus/houmous and all other variations on the chick-pea dip, but do not have the time to prepare it from a tin of chickpeas, let alone make it from dried peas as I do.

Hummus is actually a chickpea dip without tahini, but in the West we're all accustomed to it made with tahini, the hummus bi tahina (C.Roden).

Cut out the hummus (the fibrous matter and nubby taste), voila, you've tahini 'salad', that is, a creamed dip.

(If one actually makes a chick pea dip without tahini, as I've tried, it's surprisingly bland, and totally NOT unctuous as one needs in a luxurious 'hummus'.)

The bonus' of this tahinisalata is that it's the foundation to the quintessential taste of 'hummus', and lasts indefinitely in the fridge (no gassy chick peas to make things ferment).

The recipe is basically equal parts tahini to lemon juice (or more to taste):

250ml tahini

250ml lemon juice (more or less, to taste)

2-3 cloves of garlic

salt, to taste

Pound in a pestle-mortar/process all together.

The lemon juice will emulsify with the oily tahini, and will become incredibly thick. There is a version that loosens with yoghurt (NOT the non-fat monstrosity, but 2% to 10% Greek would be permissible). I like it loosened with water, sprinkled with some roasted, ground cumin or dukkah.

One caveat: salt counteracts the lemon juice, I started with too much salt, loosened it with water, and though it became less salty, I found it too tart. Hence, start with minimum salt to start.

Happy creaming! So long Marmite!

Hope somebody will appreciate this no-time required speedy spread/dip for all that stale, leftover bread. It's also nice drizzled over hard-boiled eggs, and tomato/Q salads.