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A Few Recent Bakes

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A Few Recent Bakes


I haven’t been around TFL much for the last few months.    Work demands, some travelling, and a bum leg conspired to keep me from baking much.  And most of my baking has been ordinary…hardly blog-worthy.

I’ve missed you all, and thought I’d pop in with a report on some recent bakes.

I baked up more of Hamelman’s 5-Grain Levain, this time making one batch into 6 mini-batards.  They freeze nicely and one of these loaves is good for a couple days of hardy yumminess.



I’ve been working on my pizza crust, using the recipe from my neighborhood joint, Pizzeta 211 (  The dough is mixed for 25-30 minutes on low speed, adding the last half cup of flour gradually.  It shapes nicely into a very thin crust, and comes out tender but crispy.

Here are a sausage, tomato, mozzarella and pesto pie and a pear, bacon, pecan and gorgonzola pie.



The downside of not baking 3 or 4 times a month is you can run out of bread [gasp!].  So, this weekend, with no sourdough in the freezer, I did an emergency bake of my San Francisco Country Sourdough.   Made two crusty boules.  A little out of round, but taste and texture as good as ever.  I guess I didn’t lose my touch.




I also managed to make a big pot of spicy fried chicken and sausage gumbo to take the chill off the cool San Francisco Summer weather.


With any luck, I’ll be baking and blogging more in the next while than I did in recent months.

Happy baking.



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Song Of The Baker

Hi Glenn.

Thanks for the post.  You baked up some of my favourites here.  They all look great, especially the sourdough.  Kepp up the great work!

Happy baking.


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I have been wondering of your whereabouts, Glenn.Glad to know that are back on track.

Beautiful SF SD's!

Looking forward to your new blogs,

all the best,


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and then boom - great breads, pizza and gumbo!  Throw some beer in there and I'm moving back to SF - if they get rid of the state and local taxes :-)

Nice balking Glenn! Glad to see you back to posting again.

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Hi Glenn,

Nice to see you back on the boards again.  Do hope the leg is on the mend.  Nice shaping on that five grain levain.  It stands up roundly and proudly.  

All the best,


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Good to be back.  And, Syd, my leg is all better (witness the long day of baking and cooking without collapsing).