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New discovery to extract natural blue..

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New discovery to extract natural blue..

as you know i love blue :) to obtain a significant natural blue is quite impossible. found a method to dehydrate the blue pea flower and grind them to powder. check this out 











did not have enough fresh blue pea flower!!! 

this is a Toasted flax seeds Quinoa Spelt sourdough bread..

happy baking



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and really great bread, of course.

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thank you and thank you... hearing from  you and evryone else really help progressing on to another bake!!


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I knew your next post would be great, but this is simply awesome. Some wonderful looking loaves, fantastic bake and crust, simply love the scoring. The crumb looks amazing too, airy and bubbly and that wonderful blue streak is cool. A little more blue pea flour in the next one though as you said will give a real distinct feature to the bread.

Excellent stuff, so inspiring evonlim


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thanks Andy, so happy you like it. 

happy smiles..



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natural blue that keeps its color after baking is indeed rare.  Your bread is lovely especially with so many non gluten flours involved.  What hydration are you using to get those perfect scores?  Well done Evon and

Happy Baking


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hello!!.. always wonderful to hear from you. it's 75% hydration. by including 80gram of toasted flax seed into a 1kg flour formula helped a lot to bind the dough. i did take 10 mins to knead as gently as possible to achieve a beautiful aereted pliable dough. 

i was relaxed.. and excited with this bake. 


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That looks awesome. A little of that mixed into some butter herbs and then roll up the loaf. score deep to expose atleast one layer. I think that would look bueatiful.

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yes Manna, it would be a great idea mixing into butter herbs and roll up!! thank you


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Those look so pretty and I love your scoring!  Another inspiring bake Evon.


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thank you Ian, hands are more stable now!!  it is whether you are confident and comfortable with the whole progression of the whole bread making process. you will know it from the moment hands kneading the dough. that is why i love using hands rather than machine. it's satisfying from the start to the end. and especially you and the rest start giving praises!!

it's a big booster and encouragement to begin another bake.

thank you again


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Now here I have wild peas growing all around and I rip them out.   Instead I see I could have (in my case) pink coloring for my bread.    Live and learn!   Your bread is very pretty as usual.  -Varda

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thank you Varda, you should try the dehydrating method with microwave. herbs can too be done eg. basil, sage, parsley etc..



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annie the chef

Beautiful bread with scoring and again, your bread is always interesting.

Happy Baking!


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thank you Annie, so glad you like it.

happy baking


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Hello evon,
How interesting and beautiful are these loaves.
Congratulations on your successful, natural, blue food color.
No blue pea flowers here, but the borage is flowering (this one is edible too; looks pretty in this morning's sun?):

Happy baking,
:^) breadsong


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wow.. beautiful borage.. is a herb and lots of good benefits. you should dehydrate it and use it in bread making. i used the blue pea flower not only for the beautiful blue it gives it also has good antiocxidant quality.

thank you breadsong for your kind words.. yes it was a very successful bake.



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Song Of The Baker

Hi Evon.

I would very much appreciate if you could share this formula.  I am very interested in making this bread. 

Beautiful loaves!  Scoring and crumb are perfect.


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here you go John, (sorry for the late reply)

Flour 1kg consist of

100g whole spelt Dove organic

250g white spelt Dove organic

150g malted multigrain Dove's brand

250g AP Gold's brand organic

250g HP bread flour Gold's brand

250g active spelt starter

600g water (50g hold back for adding with salt after autolyse)

15g salt

80g toasted flaxseeds

160g water (add immediately after toasting flaxseeds. soak till cool)

80g cooked quinoa (any color.. i used three color)


mix and lightly knead 10mins in bowl all flour, water starter and flaxseeds untill bind and still tacky, wet hands if too dry. (turning bowl as you knead)

autolyse for 40mins to 1 hour.

add 50g water and salt. mix and lightly knead 10mins. (turning bowl as you knead) you can add in cooked quinoa here or add in when shaping

rest for 40mins SF x 3 after every 40mins. i sprinkled in the blue pea flower powder at the last SF 

retard overnight 12 - 18 hours 

remove from fridge rest 1/2 hour. shape on oiled table top. rest 1/2 hour.. ( i made 4 loaves)

reshape, proof in floured baskets.. 11/2 hour to 2 hours..

bake at preheated oven 450F with steam 15mins.. turn down temperature to 420F bake further 15 mins. (turn every 5 mins to get even color!!)

bake further 15 mins at 300F with oven door half open.

happy baking..