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shipping starter

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shipping starter

Leemid, I sent some starter to my son and it travelled well and survived - the clerk at the P.O. said she didn't worry about what I was shipping! I packed it in a small plastic apple sauce jar and enclosed that in 2 ziploc bags just in case it leaked, and then in a small box. He is enjoying it but I have a feeling it might be as a babe magnet as he takes bread to parties and gets rave reviews. Eric Rusch at Breadtopia shows how to dry starter if you would prefer that, A

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We, just sort of, didn't have a chance to do the dishes, er, well a few times.  By the time we got back in the kitchen, there was quite a bit of dried starter.    ...

      the jar, on the spatula, the measuring spoons, even on the floor,


    Would you like some?