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Onion, Poppy seed and Turmeric

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Noah Erhun

Onion, Poppy seed and Turmeric


Thought it was time I join the yellow mellow bandwagon, at least with one yellow add-in, with little flavor impact. 


200g white starter (100% hydration)

400g flour     200g guisto's bakers choice 200g BRM spelt

400g water

11 hr RT ferment @ ~71F

Final dough:

1000g leavin (all of the above)

1240g cool water 

2000g guisto's bakers choice

50g salt

25g EVOO

25g poppy seeds

10g Turmeric

175g finely minced red onions 

45 min autolyse (flour water leavin and onions)

2 hours bulk with S/F every 30 min @ 73F

3 hour retard in the fridge @ 36F

Scaled, shaped and tranfered to proofing baskets.

19 hour cold ferment @ 36F 

Baked for 30 minutes with steam (THANK YOU Sylvia) @ 465F lowered to 450 for around 15-20 minutes. 

For steaming I used Sylvia's towel method with three loaf pans, producing a wondeful blistered crust.

Although well balanced, I think the flavor would have beinfited from twice as much onion and a few cloves of garlic along with 5-10% dark rye in the leavin. 

 I'm still working on/playing with different scoring, the simple single slashed loaf came out the best. 








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well done.. lovely loaves :)


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Lovely looking loaves, with attractive blisters!


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Very nice loaves!  I love using poppy seeds in breads but hadn't thought of combining them with onions - I use them in a poppy seed lemon loaf.  Now I will have to try with onions :)

Thanks for the idea.

Take Care,


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Sounds like you need to try the bagels cousin the bialy.  Classicly filled with onion and poppy seed and a fine treat. 

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Wow, I love it!  Would you mind if I featured this on the home page for a bit?

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Noah Erhun

Sure, I would like that. 


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way around.  Love the blistered crust.

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Noah Erhun

Glad you like it. I think the contributing factors were the long cold fermentaion and the absoulty massive amount of steam produced by the three loaf pans, packed with towlels. Best results I've had so far. 


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Well done.   If you want even more onion flavor you can add them to your levain which I do often with great results.  I find sautéing them brings out the sweetness as well.

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I love the double slash that makes the inversion of a single slash.  Gotta be real precise though to get them to meet at the proper points I guess. But hey you get two ears instead of one. And we bread people are fond of ears. 


Nice baking


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It looks like you have nailed your colours to the wall!  a very nice quartet of loaves and a nice light yellow, with the total flour in the starter and the mix would be 0.4% turmeric inclusion.and not only that but nailed an appearence on the Home page to boot.what can i say makes me green with envy.

Now green me thinks sting nettle water perhaps!

kind regards Yozza

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What all around beauties for a front page post.  Eye-catching, color and crust on your loaves.  

Very nice writeup : )   

I blogged a braided, filled, sourdough challah, with poppyseeds,  sauteed shallot and parmesean cheese.  Sauteed shallot impart a fantastic flavor.  I couldn't stop eating the combo.  Scallions are something you might like to try. 


absolutely love scaillons...but I keep saying scallions when I mean shallots..late night last night.

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Mini Oven

Or did it get started with the lovely photos of the bread!    An excellent bake.  

I am quite intrigued with the use of turmeric...  Will have to try this out!  :)

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Noah Erhun

We finished off the last  fozen slices good, toasted with balsamic cream, fresh basil and butter. As I'm preparing for a trip to Gemany for the summer, bread hasn't been given it's fair share of time over the last few weeks. Or I've been puting it out of my mind, since I likely won't have access to a full kitchen until I return in October. Anyway when I come accross good german breads I may post some pictures. I will be staying in soutwestern Germany so if anyone has reomendations for bakries, I should have time to visit them and report back. 


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Hi Peter,

When I saw your posting of this loaf I added it to my 'to bake' list.  Today was 'the' day and here are the results:




I am practicing with 'bold' bake temps.  Rolls a bit on the pale side.  One loaf underproofed so it popped it's head off :O

but I am pleased with the results and this will for sure be baked again and again.  It is now part of my binder bread file :)

Thanks for the inspiration!

Take Care,


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Noah Erhun

 Janet, I really like crust color from the higher temp bake.

I'm in Germany till the fall...I need to find a kitchen. although bakeries are far better here, I still would like to get my hand back in the dough.


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Stunning breads, I wish we could taste them !! wow

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You mentioned you wanted more onion flavor. Norm's onion rolls is a wonderful example of that from a professional baker. Here is a link for the list of posts regarding "Norm's Onion Rolls" :

How about a delicate onion flavor and a lovely lavender inclusion? Chives blossoms-picked when fresh and fully open. Break into a few pieces by hand if they are large. The flowers inside the crumb retain their light purple color but the flowers on the crust bake brown. They would be lovely against the golden crumb. I was looking for the original post but I think it was many years ago and some of the old posts are difficult/impossible to find.

How was Germany?

Lovely, lovely breads!


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Mini Oven