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3 Seed 25% Rye

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3 Seed 25% Rye

3 Seed rye crumb

I really have to pony up and get some honest to goodness first clear flour, I keep trying other substitutes, but not the real thing. Of course, I seem to recall reading that it was originally used in deli rye because of cost, and now it looks like I'd have to special order it for a higher cost per pound then good old AP. Go figure. Anyhow, this attempt is around 25% pumpernickel rye and the rest Great River Milling "Unbleached Wheat Flour" which has 80% of the bran removed but otherwise is more or less whole wheat flour. Which means I probably could have gone higher with the hydration- I'm happy with the crumb, but kneading the dough felt quite stiff. But then again, whole wheat and rye both still have a way of throwing me for a loop in that regard. I kept waiting for the rise and end up giving it 6 hours before I had to put it in the oven so it I wouldn't be up past my bedtime. I love fennel seeds in rye and this time decided to throw in a couple of other seeds I had on hand.

3 Seed 25% Rye

211g Water

45g stiff levain

82g pumpernickel rye

225g GR Wheat Flour

6g salt

2 tsp each fennel, chia, and black sesame seeds

Mixed everything together and kneaded for a few minutes initially and then some kneading every so often for the first couple of hours. Shaped after three hours proofing at 82 F and let rise at 86 F for another 3 before baking in a Dutch oven preheated to 500 F and baked at 425 F.





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it did raised up beautifully. good dense loaf. with some sweet liquorice note from the fennel seeds, my favorite too.

happy baking


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It's quite tasty- the occasional sunflower seed on the crust adds a crunch and makes me think I should roll/or sprinkle some seeds on top next time.


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very much.  Love the seeds too.  Throwing in what you have on hand is always the best you can do at the time - if you don' jhave a nutzoid apprentice who buries bread stiff in the back yard just to make sure she isn't out of anything:-)

This bread has to taste very good!

Happy baking

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I figure it's got to be tasty as it has driven at least one member of the household to get up in the middle of the night and eat a slice. And I'm definitely an improviser- sometimes it works out and sometimes it's a "lessons learnt" sort of situation.

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Good, healthy simple loaf! Good work HungryS.

If you really love wholesome breads, you might want to soak part of the wholegrain flours at least overnight as a soaker. Peter rienhar's book: wholegrain breads contains several recipes that promise great flavor and light soft crumb for 100% whole grain breads.


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That's one of the few Reinhart books I haven't looked into. His "epoxy" method has a catchy name, but I haven't tried it out yet. That's partly because I often decide to bake bread in one day even though I know there's interesting flavor to be had by letting some portion of the dough hang out overnight without inviting the yeast or sourdough culture to the party.

I bought a 25 pound bag of this almost- whole wheat flour and have been experimenting with it. Because I grew up on Wonderbread-style whole wheat sandwich bread I'm not that keen on a straight whole wheat loaf, but paired with rye and sourdough like this I really enjoyed it.