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KAF Sourdough Flavor

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KAF Sourdough Flavor

I'm sure other people have reviewed this, but I'm so pleased with this product I had to create a post.  I cultivated my own sourdough starter about 4 years ago.  I don't know if it's because I'm in suburban Denver (6000 ft) or what, but I could NEVER coax any flavor out of my breads.  2, 3 day retards, maybe a little...definitely nothing like california breads. In fact, I could really not tell the difference between my SD breads and straight breads.  Even poolish were better.  I tried once adding citric acid to my bread, great flavor, but wrecked gluten a bit.

I was thumbing through the KAF catalog recently and came across the "Sourdough Flavor"...decided it was worth a try.  I made Peter Reinhardt's straight dough baguettes using 1/2 the recommended amount of KAF Sourdough Flavor (yeah, they try to oversell I think).  Holy cow...I was blown away!  Flavor was amazing, texture was spot on, color was a beautiful golden brown (my SD's always came out more of a grayish-brown).  I love it so much I decided I was sick of caring for my starter and tossed it (a little sniff, since it was a living thing). 

Love the stuff!    


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Thx for the review.

Cant wait to try it with All Trumps Flour.

Both seem to be obscure and hard to find.