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Conversion tools........

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Conversion tools........

In a blog I have, Trishinomaha mentioned how she recently made a purchase from and I realized thats where I saw them.

Now this is a looooong page top to bottom, but if you scroll down towards tyhe bottom you will start coming across the conversion tools.

You will find Temperature from F - C and back

There is a weight conversion tool, a metric and english liquid volume converter, and a variety of other tools.

One labled "Body Mass Index  (that one Im staying away from)

This has helped me convert recipes from ounces over to grams. Very simple, easy to use.


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TT - very nice site and tools.

Also noteworthy, if you are not already aware, is that you can simply type in your conversion into a regular Google search window and it will automatically calculate the correct conversion for you, any type of measurement, as long as you use a recognizable unit of measure, very handy if you happen to be online.

For example, if I type in:

8 oz to g

Google answers me with:

  8 ounces = 226.796185 grams


2 acres to sq ft

It gives me:

2 acres = 87 120 sq feet
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That is so cool!  I don't even have to "Go".