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Wondermill Junior Flour Fineness?

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Wondermill Junior Flour Fineness?

I'm looking at buying a hand mill and am seriously investigating the Wondermill Junior. I am wondering, for those of you who own this mill, are you satisfied with the fineness of the flour that it produces? I would like a mill that can produce as fine of flour as typical storebought whole wheat flour. Thanks.

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I own this mill and used it for several months, until my husband was convinced that I was serious about milling my own flour. Then he let me buy an expensive electric mill.

Two notes:

1. I cracked my grain first, using one of those cheaper brewing grain-crackers. This enabled me to mill to a finer flour in one pass, through the Wondermill Junior. Milling twice through the Wondermill Junior was extremely laborious and time-consuming, and gave no better results than cracking through the Columbian cracker followed by milling finely through the Wondermill Junior. Translated: The Wondermill Junior will handle cracked grain but does not like to be fed meal.

2. Keep an eye on the stone burrs as you mill. They tend to want to slowly move apart during the milling.

I get finer flour with my electric mill, but obviously I was getting flour good enough to bake bread with the hand-powered one. Unless you are well-muscled, you aren't going to get flour as fine by hand as you will with some kind of powered mill, even if it is only powered by a bicycle connected through a belt.