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Steam techniques?

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Steam techniques?

What techniques and gear do y'all use to generate steam in your oven?

Here are mine:

A crummy old brownie pan that I punched 5 holes in the bottom of...

which I place below my baking stone for preheating. When I put my bread in the oven I pour a cup of hot water in the pan, some of which evaporates immediately and some of which drips onto the bottom of the oven and evaporates there.


a 1 dollar laundry squirt bottle which I use to squirt the door and walls of the oven with water (careful to avoid the light bulb, which I have blown up more than once).

I hear an iron skillet works better to evaporate water quickly than a brownie pan, but I'm also quite certain that that is a quick way to ruin a skillet for any other purpose. As I have only one skillet I am sticking with my brownie pan until I find another one at a garage sale or thrift shop.

Does anyone else have any good tricks?

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We don't have a steam injected oven at work and I surely don't have one at home, either. I got this idea from the bakery owner and it works like a charm in both places, spray the loaf itself just before placing in the oven, then spray the inside of a roasting pan (lid or bottom) and invert it over the loaf. We leave it on for about 10 minutes.

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