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Eric's Fav Rye Bread

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Eric's Fav Rye Bread

I finally got around to making Eric's Rye Bread.  I've been wanting to try out this formula ever since I saw it posted here on TFL.  It is a wonderfully fragrant loaf of rye with sourdough, onions and caraway.  I sauteed two medium sized onions in about 2 TBSP of olive oil and added them to the final dough along with all the other ingredients.  The dough smelled sooo good even before it was baked.  The bread is light and fluffy.  I baked the second loaf about 10 minutes more for a total of 50 minutes since it was a 2 lb. boule.  The batard loaf could have stood a little more time in the oven but it still is baked enough in the middle. 

I made this bread to take to a potluck on Thursday.  There will be a hearty soup as part of the potluck so I thought this rye bread would work well.  I'm definitely making this again for us to have with some pastrami and homemade sauerkraut.


Crumb close up


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Very nice, and nice to see Eric's recipe still being put to use.

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I'm sure Eric would be happy to know you baked his rye, enjoyed it and shared it.


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Nice baking.  The pot isn' t the only lucky one:-)

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Thanks, David, DA and Floyd. 

A second batch of this bread is now underway, sponge is resting in the fridge overnight.  Hope to bake tomorrow in time to have pastrami sandwiches for dinner.  The bread went really well with the sauerbraten at the potluck.  All the good gravy just soaked right into the bread - yum!