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New Wave Baguette Bakers

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New Wave Baguette Bakers

I am getting kind of stuck in a sourdough boule sort of rut and given the various possibilities I could be stuck here permanently and yet I'm hankering to be able to make a decent baguette. Hence, I've been wandering about this site and seeing some tasty looking recipes that play into my desire to let the dough do a lot of the work. Thanks to all these fine bakers for sharing their methods! But I was getting confused trying to keep the variations straight, so I put them into a table so I could try and see what was going on. So many routes to tasty bread to try out depending on how the mood strikes:


I changed it to an image so I could post it, this should be the PDF version on Google Docs

I put together some dough according to Bouabsa, but shaped and proofed according to Fromartz. Alas my slashing and shaping need some work in baguette form, but I'm pretty happy with the crumb:


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Thanks for sharing that nice reference comparison of the different methods, neat to see them side-by-side. 

Do all these recipes make the same qty of baguettes? If so, how many? 

If I might make a tiny suggestion for your chart: standarize the flour amounts based on each formula (e.g., 500g of flour)?

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I standardized the Reinhart formula based on the formula percentages. I should probably do the same for the Fromartz formula. TXfarmer is already there once the flour in the levain is accounted for. From what I've seen these should make about 3 baguettes of around 290 g each.

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Thanks for posting! I'll definitely print this chart. Love it!

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wow, what a good and useful comparison chart. thank for your effort hungryscolar. 


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out and will definitely use !!!

Thanks much,