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Sour Sunday

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Joe Fisher

Sour Sunday

More loaves from the excellent Bread Alone. Click any picture to biggify it.

This time I adulterated the sourdough rye to add whole wheat berries and cracked wheat. I soaked the wheat berries overnight in leftover whey from making ricotta the day before.

First order of business, of course, is feeding my starter the day before to get it ready. Saturday morning I fed it:

By evening it was rarin' to go!

Next I built up the rye starter with coarse rye.

The next morning I put the dough together. It was a lively loaf--kept trying to escape.

Then a bulk ferment and we're ready for dividing and bannetons.

Back into the oven to proof again.

Onto the peel to be slashed and carefully conveyed to the 550F stone.

A short while later, out comes the fruits of our labor. Gorgeous mahogany crust, chewy, delicious interior. A nice way to spend a lazy Sunday!

 Edit: That last link was to the wrong bread!


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Those loaves have to taste great.

mwilson's picture

Really nice photos and really nice looking bread too!

I agree with dabrownman, I bet those loaves are real tasty!

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would certainly have loved those loaves on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon....


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Nice baking.  I have not made anything from that book for ages but I remember the bread always tasted great.

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Nice looking loaves, though somewhat undeproofed. Oh, who cares, they still look beautiful.. Well done with the steaming.. The crust looks great! 

Good job.