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no cost egg separator

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no cost egg separator

My wife found this on face book. I'm always amazed by those who think outside the box.

David G
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this is proper cool, David! Thumbs up to the inventor.

BUT - you always need a clean bottle to hand. Which I wouldn't have, as I rarely ever buy bottled water.

I just do it the old-fashioned way, by cracking the shell down the middle and pouring the egg from one half to the other. In fact, the few times I dropped the yolk into the white, I've always managed to scoop it out with a spoon undamaged. If you own a slotted spoon, that's even easier.

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Ingenious! I like that, very nifty.

I'm old fashioned too. I just crack the eggs in bowl and scoop the yolks out with my hands, which is even easier than using the shells.

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I'm the samel break and open with one hand, and separate through the fingers of the other; it's quick, too!

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Mini Oven

search under yolk trick :)  

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It would seem I've led a sheltered life :-)

David G