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2012 Summary & Plans for 2013

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2012 Summary & Plans for 2013

2012 was a good year, bread wise, for me, I was able to bake more than 80 times (mostly weekly sandwich bread).  Lots of new recipes and fun tweaking familiar recipes.  Some of the new breads I made were: Poilane-Style Miche, Walnut Potica, Egg Bagels, Sourdough Croissants, Portuguese Sweet bread, Bialys, Black Olive Cheeks and Kolaches.


Plans for this year are:

- Experiment with Rye Breads

- Work on getting my starter more sour

- Experiment with Laminated dough more


To Bake List:

- Danish Rye from Chad Robertson

- DMSnyder's San Francisco Sourdough


How was your year and what are your plans for this years?