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Bakeries in and around Athens Georgia

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Bakeries in and around Athens Georgia

Hi all, 

I have a friend/colleague movin to Athens GA and I want to give him the scoop on what bakeries and even eateries he should check out.  Both for consuming and potential employment.


Thanks for any info



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Hi Josh, 

It's been 5 years since I graduated from UGA and left Athens, and I know things have changed a little bit. Last time I visited was a year ago to visit my younger brother, and we ate at a sea food restaurant right next to the classic center that was very good and very well priced. They had incredible oyster specials. Hugh Atchinson has two restuarants; The National and 5 & 10. 5 & 10 has been regularly voted best restaurant in the state. As far as bread, there is Big City Bread Cafe, but I don't remember their bread selection. There is a good local movement in Athens, and The Farm is a good one, and probably one of the first to embrace locally grown foods. 5 Star Day Cafe has awesome homestyle southern food. While the bread culture is lacking, Athens has an otherwise exceptional culinary scene. I feel like I could go on for days. Good luck to your friend. Athens is a great town.