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Laurel's Buttermilk Whole Wheat

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Laurel's Buttermilk Whole Wheat

Made a loaf of Laurel's Buttermilk Bread today and, as is typical, I simply did two bulk rises before shaping, and then did the final rise in a cooler with a cup of boiling water inside. I also reduced the liquid to about 170g water and 170g buttermilk. The difference, however, is that I completely forgot about it  after shaping and didn't remember that the bread was rising at all until it had proofed for more than 2 hours! Much longer than I ususually let it go.  If my nine-year-old had not reminded me, I'd have let it go until after I got back from the new Corvallis brew pub with my buddy, at which point it would have been an over-risen, imploded mess. 

That said, it actually turned out pretty well! Maybe I should proof it for 2+ hours every time!



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The over-proofed, imploded mess part that is.  You got a very nice result for the long proof, especially after two bulk rises.  I am continually amazed at the forgiving nature of dough.  Up to a point.  Past that you get that imploded mess you mentioned.

Good to see you posting again JMonkey.  You went on sabatical around the time I first joined TFL, but I still rely on your "Shaping a sandwich loaf" video for a refresher course now and then, so thanks for that, too.

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Old Home Days.

I just poked my nose in to TFL looking for pannetone info and here you are.  Hello. :-)

And nice-looking loaf, as per usual.

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Looks lovely, Jmonkey! The dough must be very resilient and well developed to have withstood 2 hours final fermentation! Tells so much about the skills of the baker. I have yet to try this recipe, thank for the beautiful reminder!


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finding TFL was to read your entire blog.  It helped me a lot.  Nice to see you are still baking away on a regular basis.  The WW bread looks perfectly and darkly browned on the outside and the crumb looks fluffy as a cloud.  Perfect for sandwiches!

Now if you could tell me what happened to ZolaBlue .......?

Nice baking and glad you are back!

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great baker's assistant in your 9yo.   I just tried your Desem loaf a few weeks ago.   I appreciated your simple and clear approach.    Still struggling with 100% whole wheat baking though.    Love the look of your buttermilk bread and doesn't look overproofed at all.  -Varda

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What a beautifully-risen pan loaf!
This looks like a delicious recipe.
Thanks for posting this!
:^) breadsong

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I have a buttermilk loaf in the making as I type thanks for the timing on your posting of this bread.  I had just made some fresh butter and had a jug full of buttermilk and was not sure what I wanted to do with it.  Your blog was the first one I came across and there was my answer :-)  ( I tweaked the recipe though - using sd and an overnight bulk fermentation)

As  someone else mentioned, I joined up here while you were doing other things but your blogs was ones I read through because I bake with 100% whole grains and use Laurel's recipes too.  I also found your sandwich shaping video very helpful when I was trying to figure out how to handle a bowl full of sandwich dough.  Good to see you are still baking!

Take Care,