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NY Deli Onion Sourdough Rye

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NY Deli Onion Sourdough Rye

Today, I baked 2 loaves of New York Deli Onion Sourdough Rye from The Bread Baker's Apprentice.  They look ALOT better than the previous attempt.  It's amazing what can happen when you watch the bread and make sure it doesn't overproof.  I'm still getting used to my make-shift microwave proof box.  The temp in there is about 80F so proofing loaves goes really fast.  I also reduced the amount of yeast in the bread to 1 1/2 tsp. instead of 2 tsp. which had seemed pretty high considering there is also a good amount of rye sourdough starter in the bread as well.  Here are my pretties -


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Nice you need some corned beef and pastrami and a sour pickle!

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Oh yes, pastrami with melted cheese and I've got some homemade sauerkraut to finish it off.


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These are beautiful.  I love baking Jewish Deli Rye and Onion Rye loaves.  Makes my house smell heavenly and people love them.  (I use the recipes from Inside the Jewish Bakery.  I will have to see how it compares to the Reinhart's)

Thanks for the update!


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I'll have to check that out.  I have a copy of ITJB.  I'll add it to my list - next I want to try Eric's Rye.


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Stuart Borken

I used the Artisian Bread in Five Minutes a Day recipe and added 1/4 cup dried onion flakes and additional caraway seeds. The dough sits in the refrig. for 2-3 days and retards and ferments and becomes a sourdough.  The loaf looks for all the world like it came off the shelf of a professional bakery in NYC.

I only wish I could figure out how you guys put pictures in your posts.  I have an iMac and no body can explain how I can do it.  They all give me instructions for a PC unit and that does not correlate with my computer.  I know there is a way....I should ask my 13 year old next door neighbor or my son in IT at Medtronics.